World’s Biggest Fish - See World’s Biggest Fish Ever Caught

Do you believe that one of the world’s biggest fish ever caught is the size of a gigantic grizzly bear? For most people, they only see the size of the fish on their plate or the goldfish in their aquarium. But for many anglers, the quest to catch the biggest fish is a perennial challenge. Here are some of the world’s biggest fish caught.

Biggest Whale Shark

The Rhincodon Typus or the whale shark is the worlds biggest fish. This whale shark was captured on November 11, 1947, within the vicinity of the island Baba, a place that is close to the City of Karachi in Pakistan. Its measurement was 12.65 meters (41.50 feet) long and weighed 47,000 lb. (21,500 kg.). Its girth alone had a measurement of 7 meters (23 feet).

Siamese Giant Carp

On July 2, 2007, the biggest carp in the world or Catlocarpio Siamensis, weighing 265 lb. (120 kg.) was caught in the Mekong River of Thailand. The lucky angler, who was using only a rod and line, is pro guide Kik. Kik is a member of the Fishing Adventure – Thailand, an internationally-known professional guiding team for freshwater sports fishing in Southeast Asia. This carp was surely the worlds biggest fish!

  • Siamese Giant Carp - This is the world’s biggest carp in Thailand. See photos of other giant carps found in Mekong River.
  • Mekong River – As the longest river in Southeast Asia, Mekong River served as the basin for the biggest fish in the world.

Biggest Salmon

The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) biologists found this enormous salmon while doing a normal salmon survey at the lower Battle Creek of California. The Chinook salmon was 51 inches long (4.25 feet) and weighed more than 88 lb. (39.95 kg.). The usual weight of an ordinary salmon is around 20 and 30 pounds. The Chinook salmon, scientifically known as Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, is an anadromous fish that is the largest species in the salmon family.

Biggest Blue Marlin

The biggest blue marlin was caught in 1984 by fisherman Gary Merriman in Kona, Hawaii. He was using a rod and reel. It weighed 1,656 lb. (75.745 kg.) and measured 17-foot long (5.18 meters). This aquatic animal is the largest blue marlin ever captured in Kona, Hawaii. The crew of Gary Merriman struggled for more than two hours to bring in the world’s biggest fish ever caught by them. Classified as an Indo-Pacific blue marlin, this fish is scientifically called Makaira mazara.

Biggest Barracuda

It was on April 11, 1992 when the biggest barracuda in the world was captured near Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean. It weighed 85 lb. (39.95 kg.). Barracudas found in the open seas are carnivorous and deadly predators. This saltwater fish belongs to the genus Sphyraena, the only genus in the family of Sphyraenidae. The favorite habitat of this worlds biggest fish is the tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide.

Biggest Eel Fish

The crew of a fishing steamer in Rhode Island had the surprise of their lives when they pulled up the biggest eel ever. Its weight was 34 lb. (15.5 kg.), its length was 5 feet 3 inches, and its circumference was 15 inches. As one of the world’s biggest fish ever caught, this big eel, however, was not as feisty as the smaller ones, so the crew had no difficulty in pulling it in. Eels (Anguilliformes), an order of fish, have four suborders, 19 families, 110 genera and have approximately 800 species. Most eels are predators.

  • Facts about eels – They use their gills to get oxygen from water and bite with their teeth.

The Biggest Six Gill Shark

Joe Waldis, a 70-year old visiting Swiss angler, was astounded when he caught the biggest six gill shark using a rod and line. This 1,056 lb. (478 kg.), six gill shark was caught near the Coast of County Clare in SW Ireland in June, 2009. This world’s biggest fish ever caught proved that sea creatures of gigantic proportions still exist in deep waters.

Six gill shark, scientifically known as Hexanchus griseus, possesses six gills slits unlike the normal sharks which have only five.

The Biggest Catfish

It is now officially acknowledged that the Giant Mekong catfish (Pangasius gigas) is the latest record holder as the world’s biggest fish caught under the freshwater fish category. This gigantic fish was caught in Thailand on May1, 2005. It measured 9 feet long (2.7 meters) and weighed 646 lb. (293 kg.). It had the size of a gigantic grizzly bear!

The Mekong River of Southeast Asia is the home of giant catfish and other sea creatures. Catfish in this area can grow as long as 3.048 meters (10 feet) and weigh as much as 660 lb. (300 kg.).

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  • Fresh Water Fish record – This Mekong catfish had impressive measurements and considered as the word’s biggest catfish.

Biggest Sunfish

For Mombasa fisherman Masudi Rashid, he had another reason to celebrate the New Year’s Eve of 2010, for he bagged in one of the worlds biggest fish in the Indian Ocean. Caught 30 miles from the Coast of Kenya, along Pemba Channel, This sunfish weighed 1,320 lb. (600 kg.) which Rashid donated to the National Museum of Kenya.

The scientific name of the sunfish is Mola mola, or mola. It is the world’s heaviest bony fish, having a normal adult weight of 2,200 lb. (1,000 kg.). Sunfish are docile creatures and are not a threat to humans.

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Biggest Stingray

Ian Welch, a Briton visiting the Stingray Tagging Program, had no intention of catching the world’s biggest fish ever caught during his tour to Bangkok. But he was able to capture a 770 lb. (349.26 kg.) stingray which measured 2.133 meters (7 feet) wide and 2.133 meters (7 feet) long. This sea monster was equipped with a ten-foot stinger. It took 13 men to bring the stingray into the boat. After the ray was tagged, recorded and found pregnant, it was returned back to its habitat.

A stingray is a fish with a scientific name of Dasyatidae pastinaca. Although it does not look like an average fish, it is still a fish because of these characteristics: aquatic, vertebrate, cold- blooded and its limbs are modified for swimming.

Fishing is both a good sport and hobby, but catching the biggest fish is a challenge. There are still many “big” fish to capture, who may reel in the next worlds biggest fish.

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