Ultimate Walleye Fishing Tips Resource

Walleye fishing is a favorite pastime of many people in the world. Not only are they great to eat, but they are fun to catch as well. They can be caught throughout the year, and provide the fisherman with a way to analyze what works for them, and what does not when it comes to catching walleye. There are also new walleye fishing tips out there that can improve your overall performance when it comes to catching walleye. Stick to the tactics that worked for you while also applying the new walleye fishing tips that you learn along the way.

Tips and Tricks for Catching Walleye

Tip 1: Spawning run walleyes might seem difficult to catch, but if you use a floating and spinning minnow plug that adds extra weight into the water, they will be sure to see it. You can tie the lure to a leader of about 18 inches. Add a few split shots to trail behind it in the water. Cast and slowly reel it back steadily towards the bottom of the water. If you get a bite that you do not reel in, you usually just lose the split shot, but not the lure.

Tip 2: Plain live minnows are perfect for catching walleye. They work the best in cold clear waters where the minnow can wiggle about. A 2 to 4 inch minnow should be big enough on the end of a 1 to 4 size hook. Add one or two split shots at the top of the line for weight. Pump the minnow, and reel in only a turn or two. Be patient.

Tip 3: Use crankbaits for casting after walleyes. They do well in lakes and rivers. You should have a variety of actions of crankbaits depending on the depth and movement of the water. Experiment with each on different days to find out which works the best in that particular water and on the weather of the day.

Tip 4: Walleyes are in shallow waters as well, so try not to ignore them. You can usually find walleyes of a weight of 6 pounds or sometimes more. This is more likely in the spring since the water is starting to warm up. Try to fish in areas with rocks, reefs, and weed beds.

Tip 5: Weeds are where the Walleyes usually are. They love to hang out in cabbage, sand grass, and coontails. They like to eat the minnows nearby and vegetate in the coverage. You should have your bait run right alongside the weeds; they will lunge to grab the passing bait. Live bait or shallow running crankbaits can be used for weed fishing.

Tip 6: There are a few places to keep in mind when it comes to fishing for walleye such as: fish where there are baitfish, sandy, rock, or gravel bottoms and stay away from muddy bottoms.

Tip 7: Choose bait according to the season you’re fishing in. Minnows are productive throughout the year. Summers usually mean to use leaches or night crawlers. In fall you should use minnows, large minnows to attract and catch walleyes.

Tip 8: Colors are sometimes an important aspect of catching walleyes. To some walleyes however, color can be insignificant. Stock all types of bright and dull colors in your tackle box to try out each in different times of the year and also to see what works best for you. Bright fluorescent colors are always a good choice for attracting walleyes.

Additional walleye fishing tips can be read about throughout the internet for added walleye catching fun. There are many ways that you can catch a walleye, finding the perfect way for you to catch them is essential in catching the perfect walleye. Perhaps you just like fishing in general, or maybe you would like to spice up dinner for the night. Whatever your reason is for fishing walleye, you can be sure to find the right amount of walleye fishing tips to have a successful fishing trip.