Spear Fishing

Spear fishing was used centuries ago as one of the main ways for catching fish. The Native Americans used spear fishing to gather a lot of the food for their tribes. Using a spear was very important in order to catch fish and other water creatures for survival. The first spears were simply strong, sturdy sticks that had been sharpened down to points at the end, and were long enough for throwing. Today, spear fishing is still a popular sport and hunting method, but can also be done with modern spear guns. Spear fishing is done today mostly for sport, but many people depend on the fish they catch to supplement their food supply. Some experienced and advanced spear fishers may make a living off of the fish they catch using a spear.

Spear fishing can be done with an ordinary spear, or a variant, such as an eel spear. A trident may also be used, which is a spear with a long handle that is generally used for gigging bullfrogs at dark, as well as gigging carp and other types of fish in the shallow water. Other tools that may be used in spear fishing are Hawaiian slings, knives, kill spike, buoy, float line and hand spears. Hand spears are smaller, and usually made out of aluminum or titanium metal, and can be propelled quickly to catch prey.

Spear fishing is generally limited to shallow waters; with the invention of the spear gun the practice is now much easier. Spear fishing can be accomplished by snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as by those who simply hold their breath and dive. However, many jurisdictions outlaw high-powered mechanical spear guns, as they view them as an un-sportsmanlike practice of catching fish. Spear fishing can be done in shallow waters, by wading into the water and waiting for the fish to come. This is best done in quiet, calm waters. Spear fishing may also be done from boats, either from on the boat or from diving.