Small Fishing Boats - Small Fishing Boat Plans, Small Fishing Boats For Sale

There are many small lakes that offer great fishing opportunities, but most of them do not allow big marine fishing boats. In such cases, a small fishing boat will come in handy. In order to fish from small lakes and ponds with the big catch, small fishing boats are very important. Their small size gives them easy access to these lakes and ponds. Small fishing boats generally cost a fraction of that of larger vessels. Some of the small fishing boat versions include kayaks and canoes.

Advantages of Small Fishing Boats

There are definitely some benefits of using small fishing boats. Most small fishing boats are available at very reasonable prices. Many small fishing boats do not have complicated mechanisms in the form of motors or other electrical equipment. Another advantage of these small boats is that they can access small streams, lakes and rivers that have shallow water. Small fishing boats are also perfect when it comes to transporting and towing, especially canoes or kayaks can be carried with a simple carrier on top of your vehicle. A small fishing boat is perfect when you want to fish by yourself.

Disadvantages of Small Fishing Boats

There are also some disadvantages associated with small fishing boats. Small fishing boats may not be as durable as bigger fishing boats, or have the capacity of bigger boats. Moreover, the smaller boats cannot be used in both freshwaters and saltwater fishing.

Building Small Fishing Boats

A small fishing boat plan, power sander, some wood glue, a work bench, c-clamps, some waterproof marine glue, bench vises, a measuring tape, get coat resin, a protractor, a power saw, wood steamer, some varnish & sponges, timber and a power drill are all needed when building a small fishing boat.

Boat builders need to study the small fishing boat plan completely and then start with the work. Build the frame first using the timbers. The timbers being used in the frame should be steamed. The bend of the steamed wood must be set with C-Clamps. Then, you need to cut and steam the sidewall of the boat. Walls should be attached with the help of wood screws with glue. Place gel resin on top of each screw head. The last step involves varnishing the boat in color or design according to your choice. Put three coats of gel coat and resin to make the boat waterproof and floating.  

Choose the right Small Fishing Boat For You

There are various kinds of small fishing boats for sale and currently available on the market, like jon boats, tri hull boats, V hull boats, fishing kayaks, and small catamaran boats; but you should choose the one that suits your requirements the most. You may want a boat with or without motor; for that, you must consider your preference and budget that will help you choose the right option. While some people like the convenience and ease of a motorized boat, others appreciate the peaceful environment of a non-motorized one. 

The price of a small fishing boat depends on the type and size of the boat. The motorized versions are available from $6000 and go up to $25K. Some models are more expensive. However, cheaper versions without motors are also available from around $500 and above.