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The Internet is full of resources to help find kayak fishing gear and accessories. However, it can be difficult to pick and choose from the wide range of supplies when you are unsure of what equipment is necessary for kayaking. As with any type of fishing, the required supplies will depend on the location, the type of fishing, and which kinds of fish you want to catch. The following information will offer information on the most common kayak fishing supplies and where you can find these products online.


The standard method of making a kayak, or any floating vessel, stay in one place for efficient fishing is the use of an anchor. There are several types of anchors that an angler can choose from, but the most common used in kayak fishing is the 1.5 pound or 3.0 pound folding anchor. This works by lying on its side and grasping the bottom. Scope is also an important factor as this measures the radio of the water’s depth to the amount of line attached from the vessel to the anchor.

Rod Holders & Leash

Rod holders and leashes are useful kayak fishing supplies that prevent the loss of fishing equipment. The rod holder safely secures the fishing rod when paddling or ashore. The rod leash is used a precaution should the fishing rod fall into the water and away from the kayak. The leash is also a useful tool to attach to a paddle that could fall overboard using pad eyes.

  • Outdoor Play: Here you will find rod holders and accessories for sale, such as rod holders for fly fishing and power-lock models.
  • Campmor: Kayak and fishing supplies, including deck mount rod holders, rod holder extensions, and paddle and rod clips.
  • Surf to Summit: Description of a basic fishing pole leash that is used by the modern angler.
  • The Kayak Centre: This page of kayak fishing stuff shows an example of pad-eyes.

Rod & Reel

There is a wide range of rod and reel combination types used by anglers for kayak fishing. To determine which is best, it will depend on your budget, where you will be fishing, and what type of fishing you are expecting to catch. Six-foot rods are a great choice for bait fishing and trolling from the stern. A seven-foot rod will offer more line clearance if the rod holders are going to be nearby. Most professional anglers recommend a rod with a thin tip, strength at the base, and guts in the lower two-thirds.

  • Bass Pro Shops: Large selection of rod and reel poles for fly fishing, freshwater fishing, and saltwater fishing.
  • Taylor Tackle: Commercial store with a wide variety of kayak fishing supplies, such as separate reels and rods.
  • Saltwater Fishing Tackle: Professional angle rods and reels for saltwater kayak fishing.
  • Tackle Direct: Description of a popular type of kayak rod known as the Quantum, as well as other kayak fishing gear, such as reels.

Kayak Paddle

When shopping for a kayak paddle, the angle should recognize weight, size, materials, construction, and blade symmetry. The paddle length will depend on your height and the type of kayaking you plan to do. Whitewater paddles range from 188 to 203 centimeters in length while inflatable kayak paddles can be between 220 and 240 centimeters. The blade is the part of the kayak paddle that propels the boat as it enters the water. An asymmetrical shape adds for a smooth entrance into the water while a symmetrical blade can be paddled with either hand.

  • REI: Examples of kayak paddles, such as the injection-molded, fiberglass kayak paddles with reinforced blades.
  • Eastern Mountain Sports: Learn about the various features that kayak paddles provide to customers.
  • Werner Paddles: Website store dedicated to manufacturing and selling Werner kayaking paddles.
  • Carlisle Paddle Gear: Large selection of kayak fishing supplies, such as nylon and polypropylene paddles.

Bait Bucket

If you plan on using live bait while kayak fishing, you will need to invest in a bait bucket. The most economical way to keep the bait alive is to use a float and troll type bucket. These can be put overboard while fishing and pulled back into the kayak when needed. The other option is to build or purchase a live well system for your kayak. While more expensive, these systems are well-insulated and worth the additional money.

  • West Marine: Description of a five-gallon kayak bag that allows anglers to easily access bait.
  • Kayak Fishing Supplies: Here can see examples of rod tube holders, buckets, and pumps used for bait tanks.
  • Build a Live Bait Tank: Instructions on how to create your own live bait tank using simple materials.


Nets are one of the best kayak fishing accessories to keep handy on your vessel. They are small and do not take up much room at all, and many even fold up. Kayak nets allow you to scoop up your catch out of the water in case of unfortunate link breaks or other circumstances. They can also be placed in the water as you are traveling to catch fish along the way.

Safety Devices

Floating vessels require certain kayak fishing gear for safety precautions. A personal floating device, such as a life jacket or floatation bag, should be available for each person within the kayak. Other safety devices that can be used in a kayak include a VHF radio, whistles, flares, mirror, or horns. The kayak should also hold a first aid kit, tow lines, and a spray skirt to prevent water from entering the cockpit.

  • L.L. Bean: Here you will find a page of assorted compasses and safety gear to use for kayak fishing.
  • NRS: Example of a kayak tow line used to help your paddling partner reach your final destination.
  • Harmony: Information on spray skirts and covers, as well as recreational, touring, and whitewater products.

Additional Resources

When shopping for kayak fishing supplies, be assured that you have all the equipment required for a safe and successful trip. The following resources will provide you with additional kayak fishing supply shops.

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