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Partridge Launch Invisible Fish Hooks

Last year Partridge introduced some hooks which were only visible on the shank on which the fly was tied. now following a great research program, the Redditch company has launched a range of completely invisible fish hooks.

The hooks have been carefully designed and field tested.

Commenting on them - Robert McHaffie - the Fly Tyer from Northern Ireland, says that they are excellent,

"The have no-spook factor on the fish whatever fly is tied on them. They are weed free and I have yet to have one caught in a bush, tree or any clothing.

"They open the concept of fly tying to anyone and the hook is not the restricting factor on the design of the fly.

"They is only one problem I have encountered is knowing exactly how to mount the hook in the vice. However, I have overcome this by applying a little glue to the shank of the hook to give it a little visibility in the vice."

There is no doubt that with these hooks there will be a great step forward in fly design. No-one knows what they will offer to the fly tyers, particularly those who are innovative and experimental in their designs.

The hooks are available in all sizes and all colors. They are coded as NO/C1 hooks and samples are available from Partridge of Redditch. They will be ready in large quantities on the 1st of April 1997. 

If you have not gathered, this is an April Fool's Joke from Partridge of Redditch. We appreciate there love for the industry in that they went to great lengths to produce this bit of humor. For those interested in real fish hooks, Partridge of Redditch is a producer of very high quality fish hooks and split cane rods. For more information contact:

Partridge of Redditch, Ltd.
Mount Pleasant
B97 4JE