Hardy Fly Fishing Reels

Fishing reels are an integral part of a fisherman's equipment. A fisherman needs a fishing reel in order to properly reel a fish in once it's been caught on a line. Today's market is flooded with different types of fishing reels from many different companies, and deciding on the best kind to go with can be tough for beginners. Most experienced fishermen tend to speak highly of Hardy Fly fishing reels.

Just like knowing how to tie fishing knots or how to properly attach bait to a hook, experienced fishermen know what equipment is likely to get the job they needed done quickly and competently. The fact that so many rely on Hardy fly fishing reels should tell you just how special these reels are.

Hardy fly fishing reels have a very extensive history. In the late 1800s, John and William Hardy made their first reel, the Hardy Perfect. The reel itself was incredibly advanced for the time period. It was so advanced that many of the reel's basic design aspects are still in use today and they have only been modernized instead of being replaced completely with something different. Hardy reels use ball bearings and raised pillars to increase a fishing pole's backing capability. They also have adjustable click and pawl drags, another design aspect that's lasted quite awhile.

Hardy fishing reels are English-made, not American, but they're not really more expensive than other reels, which is also impressive, considering the costs usually associated with importing sports gear. The Hardy family history also adds quite a bit of credibility to the reel's capabilities as well. A good number of Hardy family members were and are accomplished casters so you can bet they surely know how to tie fishing knots as well. William Hardy's grandson, James, held 25 British National Professional records, was named the World Professional Champion Caster 3 times and even held 10 British All-Comers Professional records, using his family's reels.

The Hardy line of fishing reels is actually quite extensive. Some reels start for as little as $200 which is not much when you factor in their quality and compare them to similar reels. They have much higher quality products for anglers who have the extra money and are willing to spend it.

Just like learning how to tie fishing knots, new casters have to decide for themselves what they want in their fishing gear. When it comes to fishing reels, you can't go wrong with Hardy fly fishing reels because they've stood the test of time and function.