Florida Fishing

The climate and natural beauty of Florida make it a popular tourist destination and also explains why it has been one of the fastest growing states in the United States for several decades. There also an endless variety of watersports that can be enjoyed in Florida, as well as many great locations to fish. Fishermen love the state because it is possible to go saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing and find great success no matter one's skill level. Florida fishing attracts hundreds of visitors each year and is also very popular with native Floridians.

Saltwater fishing is especially good in southwest Florida, which is made up of the region from the Ten Thousand Islands to Charlotte harbor. If you are in Florida, fishing here is a great option because the mangroves, oyster bars, and other natural habitats attract a great variety of saltwater fish, including the popular snook, redfish, and tarpon. Those who are interested in fishing in these areas should be aware that much of the region is under strict regulation because of the aquatic preserves that are found throughout southwest Florida.

Freshwater Florida fishing is also popular in the southwest portion of the state, but the northeast section of Florida is a great place to engage in this sport as well. Northeast Florida includes many areas that might otherwise be considered part of central Florida such as Orlando, and there are thousands of natural lakes in this region. The Ocala National Forest, for example, is home to over six hundred natural freshwater lakes that are excellent spots to catch fish. Those who are into freshwater fishing and enjoy looking for bass will rejoice because Florida is one of the few places where fishermen can take part in bass fishing at nearly any time of the year.

Florida fishing is highly regulated because of the importance of fishing to the state economy, but the rules are not overly onerous. Some basic principles involve the prohibition of chemicals or electric shock devices in freshwater fishing. Those who are fishing with a pole should know that Florida fishing laws do not limit the amount of rods and reels that can be used on any single fishing expedition. Those who are interested in more information about regulations for Florida fishing should contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to make sure they are not breaking any laws when either fishing in the ocean or in fresh water. Paying attention to these rules will help keep the fish supplies well-stocked and ensure that Florida fishing is a popular sport for years to come.