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Spear fishing is an art in and of itself. This exciting sport has a variety of fishing spears to choose from. Knowing what type of fish one is setting out to catch, as well as, whether the fishing will be done in deep water or shallow water will aid in determining what kind of fishing spear is needed. For example, a spear gun would be much more practical for deep-sea fishing rather than a fishing spear. Buying fishing spears can be done in a local store or, for convenience sake, bought online. It is important to know the local rules and laws when spear fishing because they vary from state to state and country to country. To ensure a safe, fun and enjoyable spear fishing experience be sure to know these rules and safety regulations.

Spear fishing is one of the oldest forms of fishing around the world. The basic idea is to catch fish by stabbing them using a long pole with a barbed point attached to the end of it. Traditional spear fishing is confined to shallow water, but the advancement of the spear gun allows fishing in deeper waters. Spear fishing is not permitted in some bodies of water, and is only permitted during specific seasons. People spearfish for sport, for business or simply to eat. 

There are several types of fishing spears that can be used to catch fish. First, there are gigging spears. These are for hunting fish in shallow water. The gigging spear can be wooden, fiberglass, or aluminum. It has a shaft with a plastic handle on one end with a barbed, multi-pointed spear tip on the other end. A second type of fishing spear is a pole spear. Pole spears are long and slender. The rods can be made of either metal or fiberglass rods. They have a barbed spear fishing tip on one end and a handle with a wrist loop on the other end. These spears are used by driving the spear at the targeted fish and then piercing it. A Hawaiian sling is another type of fishing spear. Although this is a sling it is still considered a type of fishing spear. These slings have a handle that can be made of wood, plastic or steel and it has a hole in the middle of it. The sling handle has latex rubber tubing that is fastened to it. The spear pocket is attached to the other end of the tubing. To fire the Hawaiian sling, a spear is inserted through the middle of the handle, drawn back, and released towards the target. A fourth type of fishing spear is a banded spear gun. These work similarly to the sling. However, the difference is that there is a long shaft with latex bands attached to the end. This spear also has a handle and trigger contraption. To operate this spear, simply place the spear in the gun once the rubber bands are locked into place. Upon pulling the trigger, the rubber bands will release with force and propel the spear toward the target. A final spear worth mentioning is the pneumatic spear gun. A pneumatic spear gun is the most advanced weapon used for spear fishing. Just as the banded spear gun it also has a handle and trigger mechanism. However, a pneumatic spear has a cylinder which is pressurized by air and strongly resembles a sawed-off shotgun. Loading the gun requires the use of a special hand-grip tool. Once the spear is loaded and the trigger is pressed, the cylinder expands which then propels the spear from the gun.

Determining what type of fishing spear you need depends on where you are spear fishing. Deep-sea divers will use a spear gun because a fishing spear will not get the job done. However, beginners or those spear fishing in shallow water will want to use something simpler. Using a gigging spear or pole spear would be more appropriate for this type of spear fishing.

There are several safety rules to follow when spear fishing. First, decide where heading before leaving the shore. Make a dive plan and have and accurate report on the forecasted weather and sea conditions. Second, never spearfish alone. Third, it is highly recommended that divers take turns and lookout for one another’s safety while spear fishing in deep waters. When spear fishing in shallow water with poor visibility, consider diving separately while maintaining a safe distance from other divers in the water at all times. Another rule to follow is never spearfish without a line attached to an appropriate buoy with a flag. Fourth, do not underestimate the risk of shallow-water blackout. It is probably the most serious threat for a shallow water spear fisher. Last of all, always spearfish well inside one’s capabilities. A spear fisher should always monitor himself and be aware of his daily limitations caused by his present physical condition and mental state. 

Anyone setting out to go spear fishing should always be current on the local rules/laws that govern it. Spear fishing in localities, whether domestic or abroad, often have different rules to follow. These regulations dictate where spear fishing is permissible, what fish can be caught, and what weapons are allowed. Check spear fishing community web sites for these rules/laws. Websites that allow anyone to ask questions and hold discussions online are most useful. 

Here are some final tips that will make a spear fishing expedition more enjoyable. Call ahead or ask the host, hotel, or travel agent for details in advance. This will eliminate any undesirable surprises on the trip. Venturing into spear fishing does not have to be as costly as one might think. Since spear fishing equipment can be rather expensive, buying online is a great way to save money. Shopping online also offers a wider range of choices, possibly cheaper prices and the convenience of shopping from home.

Spear fishing is a unique sport which is fun but does require skill. There are various types of fishing spears which can be purchased online or in a local store. Being educated on which fishing spear is best for the trip will ensure that the proper equipment is being used. Being prepared, having the proper fishing spears, knowing the safety regulations and local spear fishing laws can assure that a spear fishing trip will be a memorable trip. 

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