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When it’s time to go fishing, do you find you have to go out and dig through things to get to your gear? Are your rods stacked in a corner somewhere, maybe tangled and in need of new line? Taking good care of your fishing rods not only saves you time, but money in the end. The best way to do that is to use a good fishing rack.

Fishing rod racks come in a variety of styles and can be very helpful. Fishing rod racks can be simple two-piece racks or larger, depending on the need. A fishing rod rack helps maintain rods in several ways. Damage often occurs when a rod is leaned against a hard surface and something else is leaned against it. While a rod does have some give and can bend, it can only take so much stress and can either stay bent or snap completely. Multiple rods can also become damaged when they are stacked together causing lines and lures to tangle and damage the line.

Fishing rod racks, depending on where they are installed, can also protect your rods from the elements. Hot or sunny areas may bleach and weaken fishing lines. Reels can also become difficult to use when stored in damp or humid areas, due to buildup or rust. Racks can be used in your boat, home, garage and shop. There are also racks for the car or motor home that protect your rods while traveling.

Simple mounted racks that use hooks or holes for the rod to slide through and then stands on a base are most effective. These models usually hold four to six rods. Similar models may use a base where the rods inset into a rack and the top of the rod is slipped in behind a hook. Another model is mounted horizontally on the wall and allows up to ten rods to be hung by sliding the base into a ring and the tip into a ‘T’ shaped slot, then that has a snap over cover to hold them securely. There are also models that hang on the back of a door.

If you have the floor space, there are several models to choose from. One popular model is circular and holds up to 16 rods. There is another model that has a base with casters, so it can easily be moved; it can also hold around 16 rods that sit in the base and then slide into slots along the middle board of the rack. A corner model might be exactly what is needed for your particular space, or there are also models that will hold your tackle boxes and can have drawers for tackle storage. The average racks run from $15.00 for a simple two-board rack to $200.00 and up, depending on the materials used and how many rods it will hold. That’s why many people choose to build their own.

Fishing rod rack plans are available in most pro shops and online and if they don’t work exactly to what you want, there is always the option of modifying such plans to suit your personal needs. Remember to measure the space you have available before choosing to build your own rack. Also, consider how many rods you need to store, whether you need to store other tackle and that the area is not in direct sunlight or regularly near a heat source. Racks can be made from several materials such as wood, metal, PVC piping and wire. There is a plan for almost every type of situation or area.

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