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Fishing is a leisurely activity that may only require a fishing rod; but for some competitive, enthusiastic, or commercial anglers, a fishing rod is not enough. A fishing net is also a helpful tool when fishing. Read on and learn the benefits of using a fishing net; find out how to choose the right type of net, and how to repair and keep it in good condition for future fishing experiences.

One of the most obvious purposes of a fishing net is to assist in catching larger quantities of fish. Fishing nets may also save on cost, because with the netting method, an angler does not need any bait to lure the fishes in. All an angler has to do is drop the fishing net into the water, wait for a little while, and pull in the net, together with the schools of fishes inside.

The knots and holes of the net allow smaller fishes to swim through, but trap in bigger fishes. In this way, fishing nets also serve as an environmental tool to preserve aquatic life by allowing younger and smaller fishes to remain in the water. Many government regulations specify the sizes of the fishing nets’ holes in order to maintain the balance of marine resources.

There are several different types of fishing nets, depending on their purpose. The smallest types are the landing and baitwell nets. These nets have a handle attached to them, and are used to pull up fishes that are hooked on a fishing rod, and to pick up some bait or fishes from a bucket, respectively. Sport and resources anglers use fishing nets like these to keep their hands clean and dry.

The bigger are classified into different sub-types. The first type is the gill net, which is made by loosely weaving the mesh. Gill nets are called as such because fishes are caught by their gills when they attempt to swim through the holes and find that only their heads and not their bodies fit in the holes, thus they wriggle back into the net. The second type of fishing net is the drop net, which is used in waters 90 feet deep or less. The drop net is constructed to have a deep bottom that pulls down the fish, with the help of the water current. The third type of fishing net is the pound net. Pound nets are usually permanently installed with poles and are placed in the shallowest waters near the shore.

Fishing nets of any type and size can be made with three general materials: nylon, coated nylon, and rubber. Among these, nylon is the cheapest fishing net material, but because of its rough texture, it can harm the fish and scratch off its scales, which can lead to infection and possible death. Nylon can also be easily tangled, making it more susceptible to tearing. Coated nylon is smoother and does less damage to the fish. This fishing net material is also less prone to tangling and can last for a long time. Rubber fishing nets are the strongest, but can also be more costly, as they can last for a long time. Rubber also has a smooth surface that does not destroy the fish.

Over time, fishing nets will suffer some wear and tear, but with the right tools and knowledge, anyone can repair them. When fixing a rip or hole in a fishing net, getting the same material as the fishing net is preferred, but not required. The first thing to do is to cut off the loose mesh around the torn area, follow the knot patterns, and tie the same knot in between the holes. For those who would rather seek a professional’s assistance, many sporting and fishing stores offer repair services. Proper storage will keep fishing nets tangle-free and prolong their use. The best thing to do is lay out the fishing net, fold them properly, and store them in a smooth-surfaced container, rather than just shoving them inside a shelf.

Fishing nets are valuable instruments in fishing, and one must consider the type of net and the fishing net material before buying. Fishing stores will always have a selection of fishing nets for sale, so it is best to ask and look around for high quality fishing nets that will be worth the cost.

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