Fishing Magazines - Fly Fishing Magazines, Saltwater Fishing Magazines

For many outdoorsmen, the sport of fishing is more than just a hobby – it is a passion. This passion is often passed down through tales of “the big one” and stories of the fishing trips with family and friends. It is these anecdotes and bits of knowledge that have led fishing to stay a popular outdoor activity through current generations. Fishing magazines help expand this sport by keeping those who enjoy it currently and correctly informed.

General Fishing Magazines

General fishing magazines are perfect for those who want to find out about all types of fishing. In these magazines, one can find tips on the best types of bait to use, best locations for fishing in the country, and other tales of outdoor excursions. In addition, general fishing magazines usually report on any fishing records for biggest fish caught, etc.

  • Field and Stream Online: The online version of this outdoor fishing and hunting magazine is one of the most well-known for outdoorsmen.
  • Fine Fishing: An online magazine on the best places to fish throughout the United States.
  • Fish Update: An online magazine featuring the latest information on fishing throughout the world.
  • Game and Fish Magazine: A great online magazine for general fishing
  • Cyber Angler: An online magazine with daily fish reports from around the world.
  • Louisiana Sportsman: An online resource for Louisiana fishermen with daily report updates.
  • Kansas Anglers: The official online guide for Kansas fishermen.

Freshwater Fishing Magazines

Freshwater fishing is the act of fishing in lakes, rivers, streams, or any other water source that contains fresh water. It is considered the opposite of saltwater fishing, which generally takes place in the ocean or bodies of salt water. Bass, trout, salmon, and gar are all considered freshwater fish.

  • In-Fisherman: The online version of this well-known print magazine about freshwater fishing.
  • Inside Line: A website and online magazine dedicated to bass and freshwater fishing.
  • FLW Outdoors: Information on bass and walleye fishing.
  • Bassin’: A magazine for freshwater bass fishing enthusiasts.
  • Bill Dance Outdoors: The online journal of legendary bass fisherman, Bill Dance.
  • Gar Anglers Sporting Society: The official web magazine dedicated to the Gar fish.

Saltwater Fishing Magazines

Saltwater fishing is considered the opposite of freshwater fishing. This entails fishing in a saltwater source, such as the ocean. Tuna, swordfish, and other ocean dwelling fish are all considered saltwater fish.

Fly Fishing Magazines

Fly-fishing is a style of fishing where an artificial “fly” made from feathers or string is used in place of worms or other live bait. Fly-fishing is a great way to catch trout, salmon, and other freshwater dwelling fish.