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Using the right fishing lures will make fishing endeavors more successful. There are many different kinds of fishing lures, and anglers have to know exactly which type of lure to use in different water conditions and for catching different types of fish. When they use the right lure, they will get more bites, and this will increase their chances of capturing fish.

How to Use Fishing Lures

A fishing lure refers to an object that has similar appearance and movement as the prey of a fish, and it is attached to the fishing line and placed in the water during fishing. It uses movement, color, and vibration to capture the attention of a fish, luring it to bite hook. A fishing lure is used with a fishing rod and reel, and it is either tied to the fishing line with a knot or attached with the use of a swivel, a small device that resembles a safetypin. An angler moves the fishing lure by winding back the fishing line, creating jigging or sweeping movements with the rod, or pulling it behind a moving boat.

Types of Fishing Lures

Fishing lures come in many different shapes and colors, and they can be made of a wide range of materials, including rubber, plastic, wood, cork, or metal. Some of them have feathers, strings, animals hair, tinsels, and other materials to catch the attention of fish. The most commonly used fishing lures are:

  • Jig: A weighted hook that has a lead head. It is usually covered with a crawfish, minnow, or plastic worm to attract fish.
  • Spoon Lure: A spoon lure is shaped like the inside part of a tablespoon. When it is darting or wobbling in the water, it reflects light to catch the attention of fish.
  • Surface Lure: Also called a top water lure, this lure floats on the water and resembles a prey on the surface. Some surface lures can make a popping or burbling sound or cause a buzzing commotion with propellers.
  • Plug: Also known as a crankbait, a plug resembles a fish. There is a spoon under its head that causes it to move in many different ways while it is running through the water.
  • Soft Plastic Bait: This lure is made of rubber or plastic. It is shaped like a worm, frog, lizard, leech, or other creatures.
  • Artificial Fly: An artificial fly can resemble any fish prey. It is commonly used for fly fishing.
  • Spinner Bait: A spinner bait is a piece of wire that is bent at an angle of 60 degrees. It has a spinner mechanism on its upper end and a hook on its lower end.
  • Swim Bait: This is a soft plastic lure that resembles a minnow. Some swim baits come with a swimming tail.

Freshwater Fishing Lures

Some lakes and rivers have murky water, and the fish may not be able to see fishing lures clearly. As such, freshwater anglers should use brightly colored lures, such as red, green, or yellow lures. Those who are fishing for trout or steelheads should get shiny fishing lures, and spoon lures are suitable for salmon fishing. Anglers do not have to buy lures that are expensive. An ordinary lure of moderate quality will be effective enough if it is used in the right way. There are many stores on the Internet that sell freshwater fishing lures, and here are a few of them:

  • Bass Pro Shops: One of the largest selections of freshwater lures on the Internet.
  • Mahi Tackle: This online tackle shop offers products from lure manufacturers such as Acme, Gulp, Rapala, Bill Lewis, and others.
  • MirrOlure: Innovative mirror fishing lures for freshwater angling.

Saltwater Fishing Lures

Since fish have clearer vision in the sea, it is not necessary for anglers to use brightly colored fishing lures. Instead, the lures that they should use have to be life-like. Soft plastic lures, spinner baits, surface lures, plugs, and scented lures are all great lures for saltwater fishing. Anglers can get saltwater fishing lures from most online fishing suppliers.

  • All Tackle: This online store has an extensive selection of saltwater fishing lures.
  • Extreme Lures: Find high quality saltwater lures in this website.
  • Ocean Lures: A company that specializes in manufacturing saltwater lures.
  • Bliz Lures: Bliz is a reputable manufacturer of saltwater and freshwater lures.
  • Williamson Lures: Manufacturer of some of the finest saltwater lures in the world.

Additional Resources

Here are links to websites that offer quality fishing lures:

  • Fishing Tackle Shop: Buy small saltwater and freshwater fishing lures from this reliable online tackle shop.
  • Tackle Warehouse: Tackle Warehouse offers a huge selection of discount fishing lures.
  • E-Bait: Anglers can find BasStar, Fox Creek, Luretech, and other lures in this website.
  • provides a convenient and satisfying shopping experience for fishing lure buyers.
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  • Fish and Save: Fish and Save sells all types of fishing lures at very competitive prices.
  • Barlow’s Tackle: A well-known fishing tackle shop that has lures for catching all types of fish.
  • Go Fishing Shop: Another excellent place to buy fishing lures on the Internet.
  • My Lure Shop: My Lure Shop sells both hard and soft-body fishing lures as well as other fishing supplies.
  • Bass Dozer: An online store that supplies effective lures for bass fishing.
  • Lindy Fishing Tackle: Lindy offers fishing lures from manufacturers such as Beckman, Drift Control, Little Joe, Lindy, Old Bayside, and Munchies.
  • Rapala: Rapala is the manufacturer of the world’s most preferred fishing lures.
  • Mepps: Official website of Mepps, a renowned manufacturer of fishing lures.
  • Salmo: This manufacturer produces high-performance lures that are very detailed and water dynamic.
  • Buy Baits: Get quality handmade fishing lures from this website.
  • Glow Inc.: Supplier of glow-in-the-dark fishing lures.