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Fishing can be a lot of fun if done right. Just like hunting, fishing can be seen both as a relaxing activity and as a sport. At the same time, just like in hunting, there are general regulations and guidelines that require the attention of those who want to fish. Many states, for example, require a valid state fishing license, but some waive this requirement; fishermen should check with local officials to see if there is such a requirement. It's also important to check on fishing seasons, as it might not always be possible to practice this sport throughout the year and simply everywhere; it is best to be on the lookout for signs or bulletins posted on site or on local government Web sites. Also, it is in the best interest for fisherman to ensure he or she is not fishing on unauthorized waterways; once again, it is important to look for indications addressing whether fishing is allowed or prohibited.

Once fishermen know the rules of fishing, they are then ready to enjoy this relaxing activity. Fishing takes a lot of patience and skill to be able to reel in the fish being caught. Since there are many types of fish to fish for, different fishing poles or rods are available as well as baits (fly fishing, for example, uses fly-tying products and flies for bait). Knowing what type of bait and of equipment to use is important. Normally, fisherman will use a variety of worms, maggots, or live bait to attract a fish to bite on the hook. Usually, to lure a fish to bite the hook, fishermen use the bait that the fish normally feeds on. Also, it's always a good idea to disguise the hook when placing the bait on it; this won't make it too obvious to the fish that is being tricked, reeled, and captured. Additionally, capturing fish is much easier if leaders and lures are added to the fishing line.

There is not much involved in casting a fishing line, but there is when reeling in a fish. It's important to pull back on the fishing pole or rod while reeling the fishing line to be able to pull-in and capture (and not lose) the fish. A lot of care should be placed in unhooking the fish; it may just hook the fisherman too.