Gehrke's Gink

Quote from George Gehrke, President of George Gehrke's Gink: Snake River - Hells Canyon Asotin, WA 99402

Incidentally, 'Silicone' is NOT a fly dressing intended for fly fishing. Rather, its another 'Industrial Product' pawned off as a working entity onto the fishing world. In fact, every dressing except GINK is exactly this and of course some do work better than others.

The problem with 'Silicones' ... is that this is an 'open ended Molecular Structure' that attracts dirt and which absorbs nearly ten percent of its weight in water. Like a magnet attracts iron filings.

Silicone also tends to matte or cake fine hackles on dry flies (especially small ones) together.

We manufacture a list of other wonderful and completely original products for the serious fly fisherman. They are Gehrke's Xink, Fly Line Cleaner, Whale's-Spit Reel Oil, Gun Oil (extremely good products) Fish-Fuzz fly tying material for streamers and wets, etc., Bow String Wax, and also Little Big Horn Bow String Wax and finally 'Knot-Perfect'.