Deep Sea Fishing

The appeal of deep sea fishing is not difficult to understand. The wide open ocean, the large game, the challenge of catching these magnificent and elusive deep sea fish is appetizing enough for anyone with a love or interest in fishing for sport. In America alone, there are hundreds of deep sea fishing vessels available for charter, to experience the thrill and reward of fishing the open sea. Some beginners choose to go on a "party boat" instead of a private charter boat, for more of a guided tour experience.

Deep Sea Fishing is the act of fishing in the open salt water sea or ocean for big game fish. Commonly sought after deep sea fish include marlin, various types of tuna, shark, and swordfish. Because the fish found in the open water are much larger than that of land locked fish, deep sea fishers use a much thicker and stronger version of a land pole with much stronger fishing line. In some cases, the fisherman may want to consider wearing a pole belt. Marlin, for instance, are extremely strong and may be too much to handle without proper anchoring items. Live bait is most often used for deep sea fishing; including minnows, cut up larger fish, and even squid. Some fishermen do prefer to use artificial bait, but when doing so keep in mind the limited visibility underwater. Those fisherman recommend choosing tackle that is very bright to contrast with the darkness of the ocean.

If you remain unclear on where and how to fish, chartering a boat with an experienced fisherman can be an ideal solution. Also renting your equipment, to limit your initial investment, may be a wise choice. Even if you have experience on boats in the past, be prepared for the potential of motion sickness. The open ocean tends to be harsher than most inland bodies of water. Research any necessary medications, techniques, or items before your trip to curb this potential experience. 

Many organizations have been created by fisherman to preserve and conserve America&rsquos various fishing areas. These organizations also fight to limit the government restrictions on access to these bodies of water. Without the effort of these organizations, deep sea fishing could be in danger of being outlawed. Being prepared, understanding the geography, and the ecosystem involved in the deep sea, is important to get the most out of your fishing excursion. Many coastal State websites&rsquo boast various links providing information on the best places to rent charter boats and how to successfully and safely go deep sea fishing.

  • Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation: This non-profit organization recognizes the need for raised awareness on the preservation of boating and fishing, by fairly regulating waterways.
  • Keep America Fishing: An organization that promotes the continued use and minimum access restrictions to all American Waterways through conservation and science.
  • America Sportfishing Association: This organization supports the preservation and conservation for all bodies of water to keep America fishing.
  • The Village&rsquos Deep Sea Fishing Club: Florida based club that holds meetings, shares recipes, stories, and more; all for the love of deep sea fishing.
  • The Deep Sea: This is an informational website on what exactly the deep sea is and what the oceans floor looks like. A better understanding of the ocean itself leads to a better understanding on how to properly fish in it. 
  • Deep Sea Creatures: This website uses cartoon graphics to illustrate what kind of creatures and the environment one can expect themselves to find when they venture out into the deep sea.
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  • Salt Water Fishing Guide: Massachusetts&rsquo State website provides a comprehensive information on the rules, regulations, and where to purchase bait and tackle for recreational fishing, and competitive fishing off the coast of Massachusetts.
  • Government Information on Fishing in America: This government website pools together information from a variety of government websites to provide you with the best known answer on questions, like the regulations associated with recreational fishing.
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