Finding Michigan's Best Trout Streams

by Gerth E. Hendrickson
Reviewed by Louis Bignami

"There will be few surprises awaiting the angler after a brief tour through this comprehensive guide. Many readers of the earlier book will appreciate the addition of the Pine and Jordon rivers. They will also find up-to-date information on trout populations and fishing conditions on streams covered in the original edition. No other book in print today even approaches the detailed information provided by the guide."

 North Branch Au Sable, Site #4, Lovell's Bridge

Rather than natter about telling you how good this guide is here's the shortest of six specific sites on the North Branch of the Au Sable:

"There is room to part three or four cars on the downstream side (southwest) of the road just northeast of the bridge.

The river is 60 to 100 feet wide here and two to three feet deep with some deeper holes. Bottom is mostly gravel with some sand and rock. The velocity generally is moderate and wading fairly easy. The right bank is high and steep, the left bank lower and brushy. The land is all private except for the road right-of-way. Trout cover is somewhat sparse. Fishing Pressure is usually moderate."

This handy information fellows a thousand or more words on the North Branch with specifics on the water, fish present, accommodations, notes on summer water termperatures and a lot more. Just to cite one example, of the many solid tips sprinked through the text, the author notes the importance of locating cool spring's entrance to the river when temperatures are up. You'll see where there are fewer browns than brookies in the upper North Branch, but bigger brookies.

Definitely a must for Michigan anglers. The Angler's Guide to Twelve Classic Trout Streams in Michigan should repay its modest $16.95 price on a single trip. I'd pay that just to know where the parking spots are, let alone the best water on Michigan's best streams