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Boat insurance protects individuals from liability lawsuits in the event of accidents that cause bodily harm or property damage. In addition, they insure the owner’s property, and provide the funds to replace or repair watercraft and equipment. Just like automobile insurance, there are many types and levels of coverage from which to choose.

About Boat Insurance

Learning more about the types of boat insurance helps one make informed buying decisions. While certain types of coverage, like bodily injury or property damage liability are given, deciding on the benefits of optional coverage can be problematic. After all, do you really need fuel spill liability insurance? Learn more about boating insurance from these resources:

  • Progressive: Learn about the difference between boat and personal watercraft (PWC) insurance and how you can qualify for discounts or loyalty rewards to reduce the cost of insuring your craft.

  • State Farm: Discover why you need boat insurance and the specifics of the coverage.

  • USAA: From insurance for a jetski to any other type of watercraft, the experts at USAA provide exceptional service and expert advice to their members.

  • Insurance Providers: Know the various types of insurance, and discover how variables affect the cost.

  • Boat Insurance: Find out everything you need to know about boating insurance.

  • WPTV: Watch a short video to find out what you really need to know.

  • Safeco Insurance: Learn why you should cover your boat, and what your coverage options are.

  • Towergate Insurance: Use their short tutorials on various types of marine insurance to learn more about the types of coverage to best suit your needs.

  • Boats for Sale Now: Read this guide to the types of boat insurance.

  • Boats Depot: Learn all about the different types of boat insurance.

  • McLain Insurance Services: Discover how to protect yourself with boating insurance.

Choosing Boat Insurance

Discover a wealth of information in these resources to help you make the smartest buying decision about boating insurance. Learn how to qualify for discounts or earn loyalty rewards.

  • ACE Boat Insurance: Learn about their coverage for recreational or commercial marine crafts.

  • SkiSafe: In addition to offering great rates on boat insurance, you can also get money-saving tips on boat maintenance and safety.

  • DMV: Compare rates from many states and vendors to get the best rates on boating insurance.

  • AARP.The Hartford: Save money on boating insurance.

  • Discover Boating: Use these tips to save money on an insurance policy for your watercraft.

  • American Family Insurance: Read their FAQs for information on choosing the best boating insurance.

  • Yachtworld: Learn what to look for when shopping for boat insurance.

  • American Boating Association: Discover how much boating insurance you really need to save money on your premiums.

  • Pat’s Boating in Canada: This is a comprehensive guide to saving money on boat insurance and deciding what type you need.

  • Boat Survey FAQs: Read these FAQs to help you decide how to choose boat insurance.

  • Markel American Insurance Company: Discover why your boat needs just as much insurance as your vehicle.

  • Keep Yourself Afloat: Learn how to keep yourself afloat, and avoid a lawsuit.

  • Marine Survey Costs: Find out what is included in a marine survey and how it might affect your boat insurance rates.

Additional Resources

Knowledge is power, so use the information below to get the lowest rate for the best boat insurance. Shop rates and compare quickly by requesting online quotes.

  • GEICO: Get a free boat or PWC quote in just a few minutes.

  • United Marine: Get a boating insurance quote online in approximately 90 seconds by using United Marine’s user-friendly tool.

  • BoatU.S.: Shop securely or request a quote without leaving your home or office.

  • Allstate: While they do not offer online quotes, you can get a quote on boat insurance by calling 1-866-601-Boat. Take a minute to browse the site to find out what type of coverage is offered and how to qualify for discounts.

  • NBOA Marine Insurance: The only information you need to request a boating insurance quote online  from NBOA is the manufacturer, model number, manufacture date, and length in feet of your boat.

  • Nationwide: Ask for quotes on boat insurance or liability, and find out how to reduce your overall expenditures with their discounts.

  • Voyager Marine: Free quotes on insurance for yachts, PWC’s, and other boats are available.

  • Boat Insurance Agency: Deal with these experts in marine insurance, and get the best service and coverage.

  • Global Marine Insurance Agency: Whether you are insuring a commercial boat or a pleasure craft, Global Marine Insurance Agency has a policy to fit your budget.

  • Travelers: Travelers offers free boating insurance quotes online by simply entering a zip code.

  • Bradley Insurance Group: If you live in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, or South Carolina, Bradley Insurance Group may be able to save you up to 50 percent on the cost of your boat insurance.

  • Offshore Risk Management: Get quotes on personal or business watercraft.

  • Policy Dog: Get a free boating insurance quote online by answering a few quick questions.

  • Yacht Insurance Quotes: Read these FAQs about boat insurance before you make a purchase.