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Setting up and maintaining a fish tank can be as easy as setting up a small tank with gravel, a filter, a few accessories and your fish or it can be an elaborate and demanding process. The type of fish tank you set up may require very specialized care. Whichever you choose, it’s best to do your research so you will have the best fish keeping experience as possible. Read on to get a better idea of the different kinds of aquariums you can choose from as your set up of choice.

Freshwater fish tank setups can be just as intensive to maintain as a saltwater aquarium depending upon what you decide to add to your aquarium. Aquarium gravel, depending on the fish you may need a heater. Goldfish, guppies and Zebra Danio and are all cold water fish and do not require a heater, but the neon Tetra would need a heater. You will need a filter and media, which helps to both help clean excess food from your aquarium, but also helps aerate the water, which is essential in maintaining a healthy aquarium. Decorations for your aquarium, which can include fake or live plants. In addition you will need an aquarium test kit to monitor your water quality, thermometer, a net, glass scrubber, 5-gallon bucket and gravel vacuum.

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Saltwater fish tanks are generally not recommended for the novice aquarist. The saltwater fish tanks are much more time intensive requiring daily or near daily care maintaining water quality. Since the larger the aquarium, the easier it is to maintain a saltwater setup, the tanks can be purchased as reef-ready with overflow boxes for out-of-the-way filtration. Depending on your setup, you will also need special lighting for your tank. You will need a substrate of either crushed coral or live sand, saltwater mix, heater, protein skimmer, filter and filter media, powerheads, test kits, thermometers, and the basic maintenance equipment like nets, gravel vacuum, and glass scrubber. You will also need a large container like a garbage can to mix your saltwater in. The type of fish you add to your tank will depend on your set up. Fish like the anemone clownfish are hardy and best for beginners, whereas seahorses are notoriously difficult to keep and should only be kept by experts.

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Tropical fish tanks are freshwater or saltwater tanks, but with an obvious focus on tropical fish. The fish live in warmer waters. The fish are also usually more brightly colored with Angelfish and African Cichlids being a popular choice of fish for freshwater tropical tanks and clownfish and Damselfish being popular for saltwater aquariums. The tropical tanks will take all the same basics and accessories as the saltwater and freshwater tanks, but may need special lighting depending on your tank needs. Heaters are important in this case and should be carefully researched. You will also need good thermometers.

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Marine fish tanks are saltwater aquariums, but to some are considered different from the “reef tank”. Reef tank refers to live rock, coral, with fish and invertebrates. Marine refers to fish only. Marine tends to be less expensive because you aren’t putting in the more expensive live rock and coral and anemones. Since they are both saltwater setups you will need the same things, though the reef tank may need more specialized lighting.

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As you can see, the business of fish keeping can be extravagant with large colorful saltwater aquariums or small tanks with only a few fish in it and decorations. Be sure to visit with fish specialists to help you get a better understanding of your needs. It is important to do your research before you buy your supplies and fish so you have a good idea as to what you need. Whether you go with a small freshwater or large saltwater aquarium, you will get hours of enjoyment out of your tank and its inhabitants.

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