Bass Fishing Lures and Baits - Bass Fishing Tackle and Bass Fishing Lures For Sale

Bass fishing is popular activity and the North American broad mouth bass is one of the most popular fish to catch. To make a successful catch, fishermen must have a working knowledge of bass fishing lures and baits. Detailed information about bass fishing is provided below, including information on the bass fishing tackle, bait, and lures used for bass fishing.

Information on Bass Fishing Lures & Bass Fishing Bait

Bass fishing lures and baits are available in several designs, shapes, sizes and colors to suit every possible variation in water condition – murky water, clear water, pre-spawn and post-spawn. Following is a list of 5 most essential fishing lures for bass that can be used for bass fishing.

Rat-L-Trap - Created in 1960s, this is one of the most successful bass fishing lure for ages. Its internal rattle chamber has brought it the name of Rat-L-Trap. This plastic lure imitates the motion of live bait and when the lure is retrieved quickly, a loud chattering noise is generated to attract the bass.

Jig and pig - Jigs are simpler bass fishing lures prepared with a hook with a small metal ball on the top, painted with fish eyes and the hook is covered with a colorful plastic skirt, attracting big bass. These plastic skirts are mostly made of real pork skin available in shapes resembling frogs, crawfish and worms for it is believed that big fishes are fond of pork-based baits. 

Soft Plastic Fluke Baits - Fluke baits are designed like bait fishes - silvery-blue shad or bluegill minnows, which are favorite of big bass. They are called jerk bait for their unique way of fishing. The fluke is Texas-rigged to a hook, which is pierced through the lure and is merged in the water. With a jerk of the line, the fluke is pulled back to the surface where it wriggles before slowly sinking again. These baits are used in the post-spawn of late spring.

Spinner bait - This is one of the most functioning bass lures, which when retrieved slowly or quickly through the water, the spinner blades spin and flash violently, creating movement in the water that the bass can see, hear and feel.

Plastic worms - This Texas-rigged plastic worm is one of the most effective bass fishing lure, which is prepared with a threaded hook. It lies straight in the water with only its tail wiggling behind. Wacky rig is another popular practice for bass fishing using plastic worms, which drives a bass crazy.

Different Types of Bass Fishing Tackle

Bass fishing tackle refers to the equipment used by anglers when fishing, including rods, lines, reels, gaffs, hooks, beads, sinkers, spinners, floats, baits, lures, spears, nets, traps, waders and tackle boxes. Fishermen can make bass fishing more effective with the right combination of rod, reel, and lure. Fishing technique and knowing the line type and size are equally important to a successful fishing experience. The following are some of the important bass fishing tackles.

Line - There are various types of line, including monofilament, braided and new lines made from co-polymers and fluorocarbons. It is important that anglers use a line that has enough strength and does not break easily. Remember, the line is the only link between you and the catch; so, choose it wisely.

Rods - The right fishing rod will make fishing much easier. Most rods are made of graphite, a lightweight material. Some fishing rods include weight markings near the handle and suggesting lure and line sizes that work well with that rod. Some fiberglass-made crank bait rods are also available, these are highly flexible. There are 3 categories of rods for bass fishing - casting, spinning, and fly rods.

Reels - Different types of reels are also available. Select the one that fits your hand comfortably. The new bait casting style reels are made with a breaking system, either magnetic or centrifugal to slow down the spool and control backlash problem.

Tips for Buying Bass Fishing Lures and Bait and Bass Fishing Tackle

With an array of bass fishing lures for sale, anglers may be confused about what to put in their tackle box in order to catch bigger bass. Anglers should select their tackle based on their experience level, the area in which they are fishing, and what type of fish they are trying to catch. Baits selection must also depend on the time of fishing. Use the following information to select the correct bait.

Other Important Equipment and Tips

Bass fishing tackle involves various types of equipment. If you are angling the fish from the shore, use rods with line that can withstand 10 to 50-pound test. Anglers now extensively use ultra-light spinning tackle. On heavily fished water, lightweight rods with small reels and 4 or 8- pound test lines are good. You can use a wide array of electronic equipment that are available to bass anglers. Since positioning a boat can be a vital decision, trolling motors and depth finder are also beneficial.

Bass fishing is not only about selecting the right tackles, lures and baits. To be a successful angler, you must have confidence in your skill. Concentration is another important aspect. You must give 100% concentration when fishing or you might miss “the big one”.

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