Bass Fishing Techniques

The place of bass fishing in our culture was cemented around the turn of the twenty-first century with the production of "Big Mouth Billy Bass," a motion-activated, animatronic singing fish. As silly as that product might have been, the fact that it was made at all shows how bass fishing had become a part of American life in many parts of the country. Today bass fishing is one of the most popular choices among men and women who love to fish, and its popularity means that tips and listings of bass fishing techniques are widely available both to experienced and novice bass fishermen alike.

As with any kind of fishing, success in bass fishing depends first of all on selecting the right bait. Many fishermen have learned that a simple plastic worm is perhaps the most attractive bait to a bass, so those who have made lists of bass fishing techniques will often recommend that you go with plastic worms when you are bass fishing. These same fishermen also know that using plastic worms can make it difficult to determine exactly when the bass has taken hold of the bait. As such, bass fishing experts will often recommend the use of a variable buoyancy worm and a lead strip sinker to help overcome any disadvantages that might come with using a plastic worm as your bass fishing bait.

Bass fishing techniques also involve knowing the right time of the day to fish. Bass prefer to feed in cool water, which makes night fishing the best choice for bass fishing during the hot summer months. Night fishing is entirely different from fishing during the daytime because of the lack of light, so fishermen should take extra precautions if they go to the lake after dark. A good book on night fishing will help the bass fishermen understand these techniques and achieve more success after the sun goes down.

There are many other bass fishing techniques that could be discussed, but to conclude this brief snippet of advice we will note that bass fishermen should pay special attention to the clarity of the water and the location of bait fish that are actually living in the lake where they are fishing. The place where school of bait fish gathers is an excellent place to cast your line, as it is likely that many bass will be close by waiting to eat. If the water is especially clear in these areas, make sure to use darker colored bait. Otherwise, the bass may not be able to see it, and if they cannot see it, they cannot take it.