Secrets of Fishing Lake Lanier

by Bill Vanderford, Georgia Fishing Editor

Some lakes, like California's Lake Tahoe "look pretty, but fish ugly." Lanier's just the opposite.

Secrets of Fishing Lake Lanier by Bill Vanderford is his third book on Atlanta's "backyard" lake with extensive maps, quality information and the results of more than two decades running the first and, most agree, still the best and largest Lake Lanier guide service.

Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist W. Horace Carter noted, "I've fished with Bill Vanderford all over the United states and in several foreign countries. I can state unequivocally that Bill is the best fisherman I have ever known, including a lot of the professionals on the tournament circuits."

The 28 area-specific sheet maps in the back of the book keyed to 140 specific fishing sites would alone justify the price. Then, of course, you get all sorts of how-to from a fishing master.

Secrets of Fishing Lake Lanier, 156 pages, paperback is available at $12 plus $3 postage and handling from:

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