Gene Trump

by Gene Trump

For many years the uplifting cartoon humor of Gene Trump has tickled the fly angler's funny-bone. His cartoons have added a chuckle to the pages of Field & Stream, American Angler, Fly Fisherman and many more. Fly Fishing Only is a collection of more than 100 of Gene's pen and ink cartoons.

Take a peek at some of the cartoons.

Here's the buzz about Fly Fishing Only:

"The hilarious happenings of Gene Trump's cartoons condense those situations in which we seem to find ourselves embroiled, as anglers, all the time. We wind up wishing they wouldn't happen to us so often, or even better, that they would always happen to somebody else. It's great when they happen to somebody like Gene because he records them so precisely and presents them so beautifully to us. Thanks, Gene, for the gift of that best of medicines: great gusts of laughter."

- Dave Hughes, author of Handbook of Hatches, Reading the Water, Strategies for Stillwater and scores of additional books and fly angling articles.

"Like many fly fishers, I tend to be a pedal-to-the-metal angler when a stream or a lake. We foam-outs charge into battle with grim intent, placing great import on fly-fishing esoterica such as tippet diameter, body color of mayfly imitations, proper wingcase alignment on stonefly nymphs and fishing with an intense tunnel vision that makes this a SERIOUS sport. Gene Trump's cartoons are awash with refreshing needles that puncture my too-serious approach, begetting a humor that is refreshing and which in many cases, endows the sport with a more sane aspect. Besides . . . the cartoons are fun."

- Deke Meyer, author of Advanced Fly Fishing for Steelhead, Float Tube Fly Fishing, Tying the 12 Best Trout Flies and scores of fly angling articles and many other books.

"The cartoons are terrific and anglers in general should find it very entertaining."

--Patrick F. McManus, probably the most famous outdoor humorist of our time.