Hook, Line and Sinker

by Gary Soucie

If you fish in salt or fresh water, with spinning tackle, fly rods, or deep-sea tackle - if you fish anywhere, anyhow, or anytime - you must own Gary Soucie's Hook, Line, and Sinker, the ultimate reference guide to your fishing line and everything that goes on the end of it: hooks, sinkers, snaps, swivels, floats, leaders, lures, and knots.

Legendary for its dazzling comprehensiveness and easy, humorous prose, Hook, Line, and Sinker is once again available in paperback, revised and updated. Red it and join the ranks of Soucie fans like A.J. McClaine, George Reiger, Lefty Kreh, and Stephen Bodio, who have praised Hook, Line, and Sinker as one of the most useful, important and enjoyable books ever written for fishermen.

"The reference manual to put all the others to shame." - Field & Stream

"Hook, Line, and Sinker represents a practical yet classical approach to terminal tackle. Gary Soucie's detailed research and effective presentation far outdistance anything that has ever been done on the subject." - Mark Sosin, ESPN's Saltwater Journal

"Gary Soucie produced an entertaining and definitive text on the subject of terminal tackle. The author's well-researched information is far more detailed than anything currently available." - Salt Water Sportsman

~ Table of Contents ~

Preface to the Owl Books Edition - 19

Preface - 21

Introduction: Getting Down to the Business End - 25

1. A Penetrating Look at Hooks - 31

2. Sinkers and Other Weighty Matters - 82

3. Snap Decisions - 106

4. Swivel Tips - 126

5. Floating Sensations - 153

6. Between the Lines - 178

7. Take Me to Your Leaders - 215

8. Fooling Fish - 251

9. A Survey of Lure Types - 284

10. Thou Shalt Knot - 351

11. C-O-R-R-O-S-I-O-N Spells Trouble - 412

Appendix A: Some Useful Tables - 431

Appendix B: Terminal Tackle by Mail - 438

Appendix C: Fish Temperature Chart - 451

Index - 459