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Bob Scammell has been fishing and hunting for more than forty years and writing about the sports for more than twenty years in and award-winning weekly outdoors column in various Alberta newspapers. He also is a frequent contributor to fishing magazines throughout the West. His first book, The Outside Story, was selected the outstanding outdoors book of the year in 1983 by the Outdoor Writers of Canada. He also is the author of the Phenological Fly: A Method for Meeting and Matching Super Hatches of the West. Bob Scammell has server as President of the Alberta Fish and Game Association and as a Director of the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

His newest book, Good Old Guys, Alibis and Outright Lies offers stories that are even funnier than the titles, and that's quite a stretch.

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Scammell's day job is practicing Family and Matrimonial law in Red Deer, Alberta, but he spends a great deal of time at his Stump Ranch sixty miles west of that city, fishing and doing the entomological "research" that has resulted in his most recent book The Phenological Fly, published in May this year.

In 1987, Scammel went to England as a member of the first Canadian team ever to compete in the World Fly Fishing Championship. He has fished coast to coast in Canada and extensively in the U.S. West.

Scammell's writing has frequently been recognized in the annual awards competition of The Outdoor Writers of Canada. In 1983, his first book, The Outside Story, won the O.W.C. award as the outstanding outdoors book published that year in Canada. The book is now out of print, but Scammell says he still has a few copies that he sells, autographed, all mailing, postage and tax included, for $20.00 U.S. or $25.00 Canadian. Phone (403) 346-6264 or fax (403) 343-0609 or write to 68 Aikman Close, Red Deer, Alberta, T4R 1G2.