Books By Jack Samson

Jack has graciously agreed to personally autograph each copy of his books when requested with your order. I can't think of a better gift for the fisherman who has everything, the book collector, or the youngster who will surely prize one of these specially autographed books.

Almost an encyclopedia of Billfishing with flies, Billfish on a Fly tells you how-to, where-to, and why-to catch the various species of billfish and sailfish. It covers flies, reels, rods and other tackle, including the new "lifting" fly rods. Several chapters cover in depth such exotic destinations as Mazatlan, Costa Rica and Panama. In addition, the catch and release versus record controversy is examined. Jack comes down squarely on the side of release, to conserve the fishing for all involved.

Let the first person to catch all five species of marlin, in both the Atlantic and Pacific, on a fly rod tell you the story of his feat and show you how changes in today's tackle might make billfishing with a fly possible for you. (80 pages, 11" x 9" hardbound)

Only a writer of Jack Samson's experience and honed skills could have done justice to Lee Wulff, who did more to bring flyfishing to its present angling eminence than any other. Lee Wulff did everything -- and most things two or three times. Let's see: father, or at least Godfather, of catch and release, trained engineer, skilled artist, wonderful pilot. Wulff flies, the Portland hitch, opening up Newfoundland tourism for tuna and Atlantic Salmon, founding father of both the Atlantic Salmon Federation and Fly Fishing, book author, multiple record holder of fly and all-tackle records, and more.

This wonderful biography shows Wullf was primarily an artist who expressed his insights on paper, in print, with a flyrod and at the controls of an aircraft. He simply saw more fish, cast more gracefully, and played fish better than anyone else. Then he managed to juggle a host of other activities with panache and style. Lee defined "unique."

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