Harry Salmgren

Swedish Fly Fishing Editor

Been fishing since childhood and inspired to fly fish by a friend of my fathers who was forester. He visited us from US when I was some 5-6 years old, and I can still remember trying to tie my first own fly at that age. Ah well I'll not go in to that deeper, but it was a challenging site to see his cane flicking the line in the glittering sun reflected by the rapids he waded through. Nowadays I'm happy to have been fortunate to fish most of Sweden's more renown waters and also been around to Canada, NZ, Italy, Schweiz, Norway, Wales, Ireland, Finland and Tzeck Republic to fish in all World Fly Fishing Championships since 1989 for the Swedish team in which I´m presently team captain. Presently working also in fishing as employed by the county council of Lapland to develop professional fishing camps to enhance the fishing potential of Sweden. In this respect I have also been involved in developmental projects since 1984 that also include water restoration works etc. when I also launched Top 10 Fishing Sweden project as an original idea five, six years ago. With support for the idea of one of Sweden's most renown down hill skier Stig Strand, I got it all together. Now it is Sweden's fastest growing tour operator for fishing trips to Sweden with joined fishing camps from all Sweden and with a magazine that comes once a year and for which I'm in the editorial board and also been editing a couple of years.

We could set up a big web site to cover this for a lot less than most. English etc.

Apart from that I'm chief editor for the magazine "Wilderness News"-if its name; "Tidemarks Nytt" is translated to English. It appears with 6 issues a year and contains everything from hang-gliding and mountaineering to fly tying. The background to that is that I was involved in this magazine in 1989 when I took up photography again -had let it go for some 7 years before because I formerly also was photographing professionally for 8 years but not outdoors, which I now found as a new interest to couple to fly fishing. For many years I have also been tuting fly casting and also practical fishing as well as river preservation issues in practice in fishing fairs and in arranged courses for which I for some years ago also won a recognition from Abel Reel Company when they awarded me a price for the practical preservation work and ambitions here in Sweden. To that I was also awarded the Righny Rose Throphy from UK-Grayling Society for writing excellence on a small article I wrote. But apart from this, my main interests though are in my family even if it also is exiting with the ever ongoing challenges of fly fishing, new waters and techniques as well as the camaraderie of fly fishing where sharing the experiences with you all friends out there is one part on the motor of it all.

See you by the waters,