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Jim Rizzuto's Fishing Hawaii Style, Fishing Hawaii Style Volume 2 and Fishing Hawaii Style volume 3 offer a complete guide to all fishing techniques used in tropical waters. Traditional trolling, shore fishing and reef and bay techniques are covered at length. Want something more exotic. Try fishing from a windsurfer or a surf board! For a sample, check out his article on making your own billfish lures. You can also check on the latest Kona fishing report

But that's only the start. Jim shows you how to make most of the gear you need. Anyone who's priced billfishing lures and the like can appreciate that! Reasonable attention to these sections can more than repay the cost of the books.

There's far to much to detail here. Dozens, even hundreds of wonderfully drawn and extremely clear line drawings show exactly what works for what. For example, the "dropping stone" technique for Ahi, or Yellowfin tuna, shows how you can use a stone weight to get your bait down to the fish, and then jerk the bait free. So you're fishing deep without a sash weight. This method, like many in Jim's books, has obvious implications for saltwater and freshwater angler's everywhere. I've used it for lakers, for example.

Then there's the when end that's detailed on a month-by-month basis for all of the islands. It's my considered opinion as a one-time resident of Hawaii and a frequent visitor with a taste for cliff and reef fishing, that the series is a must for any angler who fishes tropical waters, and a good investment for everyone.

This series of large format paper-bound books starts with tackle basics and quickly moves to spinning, bait and bottom fishing. Then it covers Big game basics to equip readers for party boat days. A large section on making, molding and rigging resin and other lures follows.

Then it's specifics to Hawaii such as how to fish the FAD buoys and 41pages of specifics on different Hawaii game fish.

Volume Two starts with a look at easy access shore fishing and the month-by-month specifics of what should bite where, when and on what. Specific shore techniques alternate with gear making tips.

Then it's on to "Green Water" inshore fishing from fishboards, windfishing and the like and the usual month-by-month breakdown on expected results Blue water coverage comes next. First for trolling and the traditional methods than a special section on deep sea-bottom fishing. Finally there's a look at Kona Crabbing, Hawaiian shrimp and trapping lobsters. This book extends the information offered in volume one.

Volume Three finishes up the coverage with extensive treatments of knots, rods and other equipment. At least 200 different types of rigs for spinning and whipping and shore casting can make a big difference in results. There's an extensive section on baits and a batch of lure techniques and manufacturing tips and drawings.

Add a major section for trollers and more specifics on trolling, jigging, bottom fishing, outfitting boats, storage and maintenance with a bonus section of fish photography and you have complete coverage of Hawaiian techniques that should work in all tropical and many temperature waters.

Louis Bignami, Editor & Publisher

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