Paris Permenter & John Bigley

Quality Texas Guidebooks
by Paris Permenter & John Bigley, Texas Travel Editors


Grab your sombrero and hop aboard for a tour of San Antonio, Texas's favorite tourist destination. In this fun-filled volume, award-winning travel writers and longtime Texans Paris Permenter and John Bigley provide a look at the best attractions, dining, shopping, accommodations, and night life in the Alamo City.

  • Stroll the cool corridors of the Alamo and the missions that recall Texas's rich History.
  • Enjoy a plate of sizzling fajitas at a River Walk restaurant.
  • Shop for imports at the largest Mexican marketplace in the United States
  • Thrill to white-knuckle rides at theme parks
  • Take the family to dozens of free and inexpensive attractions
  • Chill out on San Antonio's coolest getaways
  • Cozy up in historic homes that now operate as elegant bed-and-breakfast accommodations


This adventure packed book lists over 100 delightful and educational day trips, most within a two-hour drive of San Antonio or Austin. These unforgettable journeys take you through a diverse, multicultural region filled with information about Texas's exciting past. You'll travel beautiful back roads that lead from the high-tech cities through forested country, sandy beaches and rolling hills.

  • Explore historic sites and attractions filled with Texas history.

  • Visit exotic animal preserves and amusement theme parks.
  • Take ecological outings to exhilarating places where whooping cranes nest.
  • Wallow up to the pits in Texas barbecue and great Tex-Mex eats.
  • Overnight at a romantic coastal condo, historic B&B or cost-affordable campground.

Winter Texans: Whether you're heading for the Rio Grande Valley, the coast or the Mexican border, you'll find a wealth of useful tips and information in this guide. Be sure to check the sections marked "Especially for Winter Texans" to identify special things that make you feel at home.

A guide to the best pits, products, and prize-winning recipes in the Lone Star state.

Barbecue is as much a symbol of Texas as the two-step and the 10 gallon hat. It's a staple of every occasion that brings Texans together -- political functions, family reunions, picnic lunches and fund-raiser suppers. Barbecue is big business here, too. At last count, the state boasted over 1,300 barbecue joints, from side-of-the-road grease houses with slamming screen doors and "mystery" sauces to sit-down spots with white tablecloths and wine lists.

Texas Barbecue takes barbecue lovers on a flavorful excursion of nearly 40 cities and towns, stopping in places recommended by food writers, fellow travelers, small town locals, and chamber of commerce offices. "Along the Barbecue Belt" features the favorite pits of Central Texas, paying homage to smoky shrines from Schulenburg to Llano. "On the Road" leads the quest for 'cue into areas outside the "Belt": Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Glen Rose, Houston, Lubbock, and South Padre. "Around the Pit" presents a collection of several dozen authentic Texas barbecue recipes, delicious sauces, marinades, meats, and side dishes -- all generously divulged by Lone Star Chefs, specialty sources, champion pitmasters, and even the Governor.

This delightful compilation includes listings of barbecue cook-offs, annual festivals, mail-order sources for gifts and products, and information on associations and publications.