Greg Milner

I'm a full-time writer for television news and current affairs, and a freelance writer for magazines. My work has appeared in fishing, motoring and computer magazines, as well as general interest publications like Australian Women's Forum and Playboy.

I've fished the western third of Australia pretty consistently over the past twenty years or so, from the crocodile and barramundi country of the far north to the rough and dangerous south west coast. I'll fish any way I can and anywhere there's water. In the Kimberley region, near the border with the Northern Territory, I've helicoptered to rock pools and rivers so remote the only way to get there IS by chopper.

Or traveled four hours in a 17ft boat in country where the tide rises and falls 38 feet, just to get to a spot where no man has cast a lure before.

Or just stood on the beach before dawn on a summer's morning, waiting for the touch of sun on my back as I swung chrome slices into the surf. And known that I wouldn't be dead for anything.

And if I'm struggling with an essay, if the line I want won't come to mind, the best way I know of clearing my head and getting inspiration is to go fishing. On second thought, to (expletive deleted) with work. I'll just go fishing, because it's more fun than anything else you can do with your clothes on!