Uncle Homer's Outdoor Chuckle Book

"Uncle Homer" is Homer Circle, Sports Afield's angling editor for 25 years. As such, he has been privileged to travel the world, sharing the outdoors with fishing/hunting buddies, guides, conservation agents, executives, editors, governors, a president, and native fishermen. Most had yarns to spin, and "Uncle Homer" filed all the keepers. Also, wherever he lived in Ohio, Michigan, Arkansas, and Florida, he wrote area newspaper outdoor columns over several decades. His style was to close each column with native humor. All keepers went into his file, together with "keeper memories" - moments, happenings, and thoughts that are moving, inspirational, humorous, and worthy of sharing.

Uncle Homer's Outdoor Chuckle Book is an omnigathering of outdoorsy jokes, stories, anecdotes, quips, and memories which will bring grins, chuckles, and deep down belly laughs as the reader wends his or her way through folksy copy and cartoons. Ideal for joke lovers, storytellers, speakers, group comedians, gatherings of two or more, and as a gift to those who appreciate the lighter side of life.

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