The Tarpon Book

The newly-released Tarpon Book, by Frank Sargeant, is the third in the popular Inshore Series by Larsen's Outdoor Publishing. The Atlantic tarpon, or "Silver King," is perhaps the Gulf and lower Atlantic's most spectacular gamefish; a bright-scaled giant that often reaches weights over 150 pounds and lengths exceeding 6 feet, yet can be found in water barely waist-deep.

Written in the same informative, entertaining style of his two previous books on snook and redfish, Sargeant's Tarpon Book gives a detailed account of how to find, hook and land the silvery monsters throughout the waters of the Southeast. His practical, common-sense advice is a result of more than 20 years as a writer and guide on the Gulf Coast. The 160-page volume includes dozens of action photos showing the excitement of tangling with this high-jumping gamefish.

Sargeant, who is the award-winning Outdoor Editor of the Tampa Tribune and contributor to many major outdoor publications, covers all the bases of fishing for the silver king. He details where to find tarpon in all areas where they are located, from the Texas Gulf coast to Florida's bays, northward to the Carolinas, as well as the Caribbean, South and Central American coasts.

Tackle for natural and artificial bait fishing is explored in depth, as is the "ultimate high" in fishing, taking tarpon on flyrod gear. The Tarpon Book also includes a chapter on biological information, previously unpublished, plus weight/length charts that allow anglers to estimate their fish's weight without subjecting it to the hardship of being pulled from the water.

This is also a book that names names, with more than 40 noted tarpon guides and their telephone numbers included.

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