Secret Spots, Southwest Florida

Frank Sargeant's new book Secret Spots, Southwest Florida is a unique where-to-go book of detailed maps to the secret spots of Florida's finest saltwater fishing--the carefully-guarded hotspots of the pros. More than $60 worth of detailed topographical charts are included.

Whether you enjoy snook, redfish, trout or tarpon fishing, like to search out the bottom-dwelling grouper and snapper or chase the open-water speedsters like Spanish and king mackerel, this guide book gives you a close-up look at the hundreds of little-known honey holes and tells exactly how to fish them. The 192-page text includes prime seasons, baits and lures, launching areas, marinas and more, plus over 30 detailed maps of the prime spots from Sarasota Bay to Marco.

Special features include:

  • How to find gamefish in winter, spring, summer and fall
  • How to use tides to your advantage
  • Launching sites and marinas
  • Charts, charts and more charts pinpoint hot spots for each species

Frank Sargeant, author of the popular four-volume Inshore Series, and the companion Secret Spots, Tampa Bay to Cedar Key book, is one of the nation's best-known outdoor writers and winner of more than 40 national writing awards. His experience as a former inshore fishing guide is an integral part of Secret Spots and this is one book every coastal angler will want in his tackle box on every trip.

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