The Masters' Secrets of Catfishing

John E. Phillips has fished with some of the best catfishermen in the nation and has learned their secrets for the finding and taking of Mr. Whiskers.

Whether you've never catfished before, or you are a veteran cat-catcher, you will learn how to find and take more cats in the pages of this book. An award-winning author of more than 17 books, Phillips, an avid catfish angler, has included secret tactics that will help you take more catfish each time you are on the water.

Special Features

  • How to find and take monster cats
  • How and where to gravel for cats
  • What baits to use and when
  • How to find the tailrace groove for cats
  • What are better strategies for river cats
  • How to determine the best place to find the most catfish in lakes and rivers

If you've always wondered why some people consistently catch catfish while others don't get bites, you will learn the answers in these pages.

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