Sea Turtles - The Watchers' Guide

The popular saying "we always hurt the one we love" could very well apply to the curiosity most people have regarding sea turtles. This curiosity, however, can often create a significant negative impact on marine turtles' ability to reproduce and survive. The new book, Sea Turtles - The Watchers' Guide, is an enlightening and interesting source for learning about the habits and habitats of the sea turtles.

Written by noted author M. Timothy O'Keefe, this soft-cover, 120-page book includes information on identifying various species of sea turtles, describes the nesting process in detail and provides lists of where guided turtle walks can give nature lovers the best opportunity to see these unique creatures.

Many sea turtles manage to survive along the shores of some of the largest cities on Florida's expansive coast, and there's something special about sitting quietly beside a nesting sea turtle for an hour or more, hearing her breathing and quiet sighing in the blackness of the night but provoking no fear on the part of either the observer or the observed.

Illustrated with numerous photographs by renowned sea turtle expert Peter C.H. Pritchard and line drawings, this book provides the specifics of appropriate personal conduct and behavior for human beings on turtle nesting beaches. This is the most definitive resource published for avid and amateur turtle watchers.

Sea Turtles - The Watchers' Guide, is priced at $10.95 post-paid, and can be obtained from the publisher. Send check or money order to:

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