The Redfish Book

The secrets of finding and catching redfish are revealed in The Redfish Book by award-winning author Frank Sargeant.

The 160-page soft-cover book is a complete angler's guide to one of the nation's most popular gamefish. It covers where, when and how to find and catch reds in every season of the year and throughout the regions it inhabits -- from southern Texas along the Gulf Coast to the Outer Banks of the Carolinas.

The book is loaded with informative photos and the text details everything the fisherman needs to know to capture reds of all sizes. Redfish are again moving into historic haunts in many parts of their range. Sight-fishing on the shallow flats adds a whole new dimension to the pursuit of redfish, creating a whole new generation of enthusiastic anglers.

The Redfish Book includes information on redfish biology and their growth, spawning habits and habitats from the latest scientific studies of the species. It also includes a directory of Florida's best redfish guides.

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