Manatees - Our Vanishing Mermaids

A new, comprehensive photo-intensive book on manatees by M. Timothy O'Keefe is available from Larsen's Outdoor Publishing. The 128-page, soft-cover book includes more than 80 underwater photographs of manatees in their habitat. Readers will enjoy learning more about this strange-looking, gentle creature that served as the basis for the mermaid legend.

Manatees - Our Vanishing Mermaids is a compendium of information on growth, breeding, habits, habitat, etc. The lives and times of the interesting manatee (sea cow) are lavishly described with text and photographs. Features include where snorkelers can swim with manatees in the wild, where visitors can view manatees nose-to-nose at various attractions, the manatee rescue and survival programs in Florida, the only state with a resident population of the endangered animals, and much more. Beginning in the early 1970's, O'Keefe was one of the first wildlife photographers to bring attention to the dangers faced by the manatee. The accomplished author and underwater photographer was awarded special recognition by the Florida Audubon Society for his continual educational efforts. The mammal's future is still uncertain due to the wholesale destruction of its coastal grazing and breeding grounds. Award-winning writer O'Keefe is also author of DivingMana to Adventure, and co-author of Fish and Dive Florida & The Keys and Fish and Dive the Caribbean, Vol. 1. Manatees - Our Vanishing Mermaids is available at better book and gift stores, dive shops and sporting goods throughout Florida or by ordering direct from the publisher. By mail, send $11.45 each (post-paid). Send check or money order to:

Larsen's Outdoor Publishing
2640 Elizabeth Place, Dept. LBFF
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