Bass Lures & Bass Pro Strategies

Larry Larsen's angling adventures and research on black bass are extensive. He has caught and released hundreds of bass exceeding 5 pounds, primarily on artificial lures. Very few other professionals in this country have written more on bass. These two books are further extensions of that philosophy.

Bass Pro Strategies and Bass Lures - Tricks & Techniques by Larry Larsen.
These books will be autographed by the author upon request.

Bass Pro Strategies reveals the methods that the country's most successful tournament anglers have employed to catch bass in competition. Special features include weather effects, mapping and eliminating unproductive water, locating deep and shallow bass, boat positioning, topographical techniques and water chemistry influences. The reader's productivity should improve after spending a few hours with this compilation of techniques!

Bass Lures - Tricks & Techniques reveals some of the very latest methods for rigging and fishing artificial baits. Many lures are highly productive when utilized correctly under specific conditions. This book explores some productive modifications and techniques, and features in-depth variable reasoning, technological advances and productive presentations. What is presented within these covers will work anywhere.

Unique modifications of lures and development of new baits and techniques continue to keep the fare fresh, and that's important. Bass seem to become "accustomed" to the same artificials and presentations seen over and over again. As a result, they become harder to catch. It's the new approach that again sparks the interest of some largemouth, and that's the focus of Bass Lures - Tricks & Techniques.

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