Diving to Adventure

Award-winning author and expert diver M. Timothy O'Keefe has detailed virtually every kind of diving and snorkeling experience in his newest book Diving to Adventure!

Dedicated to keeping the fun in diving, Diving to Adventure! informs and entertains divers with its in-depth discussion of how to get the most enjoyment from diving and snorkeling. Aimed at divers around the country, the book shows how to get started in underwater photography, how to use current to your advantage, how to avoid seasickness, how to dive safely after dark, and much more. A special section details how to plan a dive vacation including the do's and don'ts of live-aboard diving.

Diving to Adventure! also includes interesting information on artifact collecting and preserving; lobster hunting; cozying up to sea creatures; the world's 10 best dive vacations and the world's 10 best snorkel places.

O'Keefe is a contributing editor to Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine and one of the world's foremost dive travel experts. He has dived under almost every conceivable condition except polar ice. With more than 30 years diving experience all over the world, he has a wealth of first-hand knowledge about how to get the most enjoyment from every diving situation.

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