Crappie Tactics

by Larry Larsen

Crappie Tactics, by renowned angler and author Larry Larsen, takes a close look at America's favorite "funfish" - the crappie. Whether it is called speckled perch, sac-a-lait, papermouth or by any other type of moniker, crappie provide thrills to millions of anglers. This book is dedicated to crappie fishermen and women of all ages and skill levels.

Crappie Tactics is divided into three comprehensive sections with detailed information on how, when and where to catch more crappie year round. There are numerous tips and tricks offered to readers interested in catching more crappie. More than 40 line drawings and photos carefully illustrate and detail highly productive tactics. The author's proven techniques are applicable to all waters around the country.

In Section I, the book covers "The Basics For Fun". Line, lures, bait, rods and poles, reels, hooks and floats are all reviewed. Seasonal information such as catching crappie during the spawning phase or summer doldrums is highlighted. Release or mounting considerations for giant "specks" are covered also in this section.

In Section II, you will find the top "Places For Action" and how to fish each. Finding the good spots, checking out the vegetation, natural and man-made structures and learning to analyze a lake provides vital information for success not found elsewhere. You'll catch more fish after reading this one section alone.

Section III is for those who want to consider some "Advanced Tactics", such as using pH to locate crappie or markerology for concentrations of the fish. This section discusses attractants and scent products, tide water fishing opportunities and tournament preparation, among other things. Even an expert should walk away with valuable information from this section.

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