The Masters' Secrets of Crappie Fishing

Neither rain, sleet, snow, dark of night or extreme weather will prevent John Phillips from crappie fishing.

Phillips' newest book, The Masters' Secrets of Crappie Fishing, describes his experiences with many of the nation's most experienced crappie anglers. Secret strategies for catching crappie year round are detailed for the enjoyment and success of enthusiastic speckled perch anglers. "You can catch more crappie this season than you ever have taken in years past if you understand and practice the secrets of slabology," says Phillips. "Slabology is the ability to know where crappie are located, how they are feeding and what is required to make them bite when you want to catch them." The nation's best slabologists are extensively quoted in The Masters' Secrets of Crappie Fishing. Their years of experience in studying the feeding patterns of crappie have made them masters of this growing sport. The book's 16 chapters are actually a mini-course on slabology and should teach readers the principles of crappie fishing and how to apply them. Phillips is author of several books, including Masters' Secrets of Deer Hunting, The Science of Deer Hunting, and Masters' Secrets of Turkey Hunting. The award-winning author is outdoors editor of the Birmingham Post Herald in Alabama.

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