Advanced Bass Fishing Tactics

with Larry Larsen

Lowrance Electronics presents Advanced Bass Fishing Tactics with Larry Larsen is an informative 50-minute video specially written and produced for anglers of all skill levels. In this video, Larry shares his knowledge of the most effective tactics for some of the most common bass fishing situations that all anglers face on the water.

Part I covers how to catch more and larger bass from aquatic vegetation. Segments include: Developing a systematic approach, Selecting the most promising plant community, How bird traffic reveals bass locations, Boat positioning and lure control, Selecting the right baits & drawing strikes, and Specialized tactics and tricks for floating mats, towering plants & submerged vegetation.

In Part II, the viewer will learn how to most effectively fish docks/piers. Segments include: Tips for fishing man-made structures, Effective lure presentations and techniques, Unique strategies and dock fishing tricks, Key bass concentrating factors below the wood, and Locating the "sweeteners" around boat houses. Part III covers How to troll for bigger fish. Segments include Finding bass concentrations faster with sonar, Maneuvering and repositioning with GPS and buoys, Speed variations and repeatability, and Selecting and sizing the lure and line.

In Part IV, Larry discusses how to use electronics to locate bass in deep waters. Segments include Specialized tactics and ideal locations, Overlooked, yet deadly deep-water lures, Utilizing you eyes to the bottom and Probing the depths. Larry is joined in this segment of the video by friend and fishing guide Bob Stonewater.

"Don't let people tell you that catching big fish and catching a lot of them is luck," says Larsen. "Knowledge and its wise use is the key to catching bigger and more bass." Each segment of the video clearly demonstrates numerous tips and specialized techniques that anglers can use on their next fishing trip to catch more and bigger bass. The video is complemented by graphics and illustrations, adding to the informative aspect. Anglers who want to be better bass fishermen will find Advanced Bass Fishing Tactics with Larry Larsen casts straight in their direction. Host Larry Larsen, Florida Editor for Outdoor Life, is America's most widely read bass fishing writer and author. He has written 15 books and more than 1,500 articles on bass subjects for numerous outdoor magazines. Larry is not just a writer who has studied and written about all aspects of bass fishing for more than 20 years, he is an accomplished bass angler who has caught and released hundreds of bass between five and 12 1/2 pounds. He has literally traveled the globe to fish for largemouth and the uncommon species of bass.

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