Angler's Guide to Bass Patterns

Being able to develop a pattern of successful methods and lures for specific habitat and environmental conditions is the key to catching several bass on one fishing trip. Understanding bass movements and activities and the most appropriate and effective techniques to employ will add many pounds of enjoyment to the sport of bass fishing.

Angler's Guide To Bass Patterns by noted bass angler and writer Larry Larsen, is book eight in his popular Bass Series Library.
This book will be autographed by the author upon request.

Bass Patterns is a reference source for all anglers, regardless of where they live or their skill level. The book examines the most effective combinations of lures, methods and places for a variety of environmental conditions. The productive and proven techniques to catch both active and inactive bass are discussed. The coverage includes: Lure Perception; Boat Positioning; New Water Strategies; Deep Water Concepts; Buried Bass Discoveries; Weedline Patrols; Vegetation Tactical Moves; Brushy Escapes; Dockside Duty; Tactics On The Rocks; River Revelations; Foaming Water Fairs; Open Water Tactics; Wicked Wind And Weather; Seasonal Transitions; Inactive, Structure-less Bass and more.

For more than 25 years, Larry Larsen has studied and written about all aspects of bass fishing. No one writes more on largemouth bass. The author is a frequent contributor on bass subjects to major outdoor magazines. His photography has appeared on the covers of many national publications.

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