Saltwater Flyfishing

by John Kumiski


Captain John Kumiski has traveled the East Coast from New England to the Florida Keys, always with his flyrod close at hand, to savor the thrill of catching striped bass and bluefish in the surf, and redfish, tarpon and bonefish on the flats.

Saltwater Fly Fishing is a valuable guide for coastal flyrodders of all backgrounds as it delivers a delightful blend of inshore and offshore fly rod how-to along with over 20 of the most effective patterns. Whether you fish Chesapeake Bay, Cap Cod, Cap May, the Outer Banks, or warm Florida waters, this is the book for all coastal flyrod anglers.


From light rods for sea trout, school stripers, bay bluefish, snook, bonefish and redfish to powerhouse tackle designed for taming huge tarpon and Yellowfin tuna, it's all here in one easy-to-read collection of tips, tricks and techniques that will please fly anglers everywhere. Tackle, rigging and casting tips are followed by in-depth chapters on flats and inshore and offshore fishing that includes the proven methods used by fly fishing guides, captains and "pros."

From chumming glues and school tuna to wading the flats for bones, from poling the shallow bays while sight-casting for weakfish and seatrout to teasing sailfish in blue water, Captain John Kumiski has brought it all together in a clear, concise, easy-to-read guide that every flyrodder will want for their personal library.


Over two dozen of the best fly patterns are included with detailed tying instructions and background on where, when and how to fish them. Close up photos show exactly how to tie these flies on your own.


A generous selection of photos and illustrations show: how to rig fly tackle, leaders and tippets for all types of saltwater fly fishing; how to cast effectively and how to read the water to find more fish.

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