Flyfishing For Redfish

by John Kumiski

Your Complete Guide to Catching Red Drum on Flies

Do you want to catch redfish with a fly rod? Are you tired of coming home frustrated and fishless? Do you lack the knowledge and skill necessary to consistently catch reds on flies? Then this book is just what you've been waiting for! Flyfishing for Redfish will easily teach you how to catch more redfish by sharing these secrets with you:

  • how the fish behave
  • how tides affect the fish
  • which tackle to use
  • how to find and see the fish
  • how to present your fly so the fish will eat it
  • tactics for wading and for fishing from a boat
  • who and where the guides and fly shops are in every state where redfish are found, complete with phone numbers
  • what flies you need and how to tie them (or where to buy them)
  • and much more!

Here's what they're saying about this book:

"The most complete book on redfish I've seen. Read it, study it, and you'll catch more redfish." --Lefty Kreh

"A must for anyone who want to move into the 10 percent of the fishermen that catch 90 percent of the fish. If you read and use this book before your next fishing trip you might want to start guiding. A must for fly fishermen." --Capt. Terry Shaughnessy

"Loaded with the kind of information and guidance that will make an accomplished redfisherman out of anyone who can toss a fly." --Bayy Gibson, Salt Water Sportsman magazine

"It ought to be required reading for any saltwater fly fisherman." --Doug Pike, Tide magazine

Before YOU head out to the coast to fly fish for redfish, GET THIS BOOK!!!

Flyfishing for Redfish: 160 pages $19.95. Please add $3.50 priority mail and handling. Foreign shipping $8.

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