Fishing The Everglades

by John Kumiski


Here is everything you need to know to successfully plan, outfit, and execute a successful fishing trip to the Everglades National Park. Whether you take a day in a motor skiff or a two week long canoe expedition along the world famous Everglades Wilderness Waterway, find the answers you need right here.

You will discover how easy it is to:

Find Fish. Use search techniques of the experts to locate snook, redfish, tarpon, seatrout, and other gamefish

Rig Tackle. Learn to use correct knots, leaders, rigs, baits, and lures to catch the fish you seek.

Make Effective Tackle. Whether using natural or artificial baits, spin, plug or fly tackle, learn how to present your bait so a fish just can't refuse it.

What others say about this book

This book is very well done and contains an impressive amount of useful information. There's no question that this book has been written by someone who has been there more than once.

- Mark Sosin, Fine Fishing Saltwater Editor and Host, ESPN's Saltwater Journal

Kumiski is a talented fisherman who writes from real experiences and real wilderness places. He passes on his angling expertise in this book so that veterans and novices alike can learn how to fish the beautiful Everglades more successfully.

- W. Horace Carter, Pulitzer Prize Winner

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