Tom Huggler's Videos

by Tom Huggler

Tom Huggler, award winning freelance writer and book author talks walleyes with AMERICA'S HOTTEST FISHING PROS

Go Fishing with Tom Huggler as he learns the secrets of successful jigging tactics from GARY ROACH -- a pro's pro! Tag along with Tom as champion angler GARY PARSONS explains the inside story on Planer Board trolling with Crankbaits! Join Tom as Walleye wizard MIKE McCLELLAND takes the myth and mystique out of live-bait rigging!


  • How Walleyes Feed
  • When and Where to Find Walleyes
  • How to Catch Walleyes
  • How to Choose Rods and Reels
  • How to Use Coiled Leaders, Bottom Bouncers and More
  • How to Use Leeches, Minnows and Night Crawlers with Success

Running time 75 minutes.