Tom Huggler

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Fish Michigan Series

  • Tom Huggler's Fish Michigan Series now includes three books on Michigan's Lakes and two on rivers. Besides accurate up-to-date information you can expect maps, big maps, copious maps, easy-to-read maps with specific fish symbols for 18 species from Atlantic Salmon to Yellow perch.
  • All of the books offer specific illustrated advice on how to use and book and pick a lake or stream to fit your needs.
  • Tackle recommendations and much, much more enrich the pages.

The Lake Series includes: 100 Southern Michigan Lakes, 100 Northern Lower Michigan Lakes and 100 Upper Peninsula Lakes. All books include:

  • Big maps that pinpoint structure, islands and channels
  • Hot, up-to-date tips on all species are included
  • Best times and methods detailed for spring, summer, fall and winter
  • boat launch sites, boat rentals, bait and tackle shops
  • Planting records, master angler catches and much more included in each book
  • recommended lures, Chambers of Commerce, Department of Natural Resources offices and other information sources
  • Ice fishing, trophy or family suggestions, shore and challenged angler access and boat rentals are just a few of the points covered.

FISH MICHIGAN -- 100 Southern Michigan Lakes
112 pages. Large 11 by 15 format with detailed maps.

  • If you fish in the 26 counties south of a line drawn roughly from Bay City to Muskegon you'll find 100 lakes with good to excellent fishing, public access and the ability to handle fishing pressure.

FISH MICHIGAN -- 100 Northern Lower Michigan Lakes
112 pages. Large 11 by 15 inch format with detailed maps

  • Covers 31 counties in an area north of a line from about Bay City-Muskegon to the Straits of Mackinac. Lakes include well-known, fish-rich holes like Hougton, Higgins, Black and Crystal and river reservoirs (Hardy, Hodenpyle and Foote dam ponds)
  • Hikers appreciate backwoods waters on federal forest land such as Hoist or Sand Lakes

FISH MICHIGAN -- 100 Upper Peninsula Michigan Lakes
112 pages. Large 11 by 15 inch format with detailed maps

  • All the famous spots on the UP, and a batch of new-to-you waters include the Big Manistique, Indian and Brevoort lakes and lakes Gogebic and Independence.
  • Wilderness lakes in the Sylvania Tract and other backpackers lakes suit the fit and frisky.
  • Greenwood Reservoir, Prickett Dam Backwater, Peavy Reservoir and other impoundments on the Michigamme and Menominee Rivers are here too.

The River Series includes 50 Rivers and 50 More Rivers

  • While trout fishing gets full treatment, these books look at other species such as bass, walleye, northern pike, catfish, panfish and some rough species to offer maximum fun and, in many cases, a minimum wait.
  • "One of my goals was to cover information never before treated," the author notes.
  • Both books cover the river's course in accurate, detailed and LARGE maps.
  • Specific access points, fish-stocking locations and campgrounds are indicated.
  • Canoe liveries, DNR Survey Data and Master Angler catch awards included
  • Guide contacts included

FISH MICHIGAN -- 50 Rivers
112 Pages. Large 11 by 15 inch format with detailed maps

  • 23 Upper Peninsula, 15 Northern Lower Michigan and 12 more Southern Michigan Rivers
  • Tactics from flyfishing for Ontonagon River trout to dunking worms for Thornapple River redhorse suckers supplement where-to, how-to and when-to information
  • Lesser known streams like the Salmon Trout, Chippewa and Flat joint classic streams such as the AuSable and Manistee.

FISH MICHIGAN -- 50 More Rivers
112 Pages. Large 11 by 15 inch format with detailed maps

  • Rivers, by their winding devious nature take far more map and text space than lakes. So 50 More Rivers is the happy result. Streams in the top 100 that aren't in 50 Rivers are found here.
  • As in the first book in the river series, you see both Main Stream and tributary information, stream flows and more.