Circle on Bass

Bass Wisdom From A Master
by Homer Circle

"No matter how good a bass fisherman you are right now, this book will make you better. Also, it will help you have more fun--something many of today's anglers have forgotten how to do."

Lamar Underwood, former Editor-in-Chief, Sports Afield and Outdoor Life magazines.

From Mexico to Canada, California to Maine, more people fish for black bass than for all other species of gamefish combined. And no one knows black bass like Homer Circle. For more than fifty years, Uncle Homer, as he's widely and affectionately known, has been obsessed with these enigmatic and often underestimated fish. A surprising amount of today's common knowledge about bass fishing originated with Circle, but this book takes you back to the source. Topics include fishing the deadliest dozen lures, seasonal tactics, fly rodding for bass, successful trolling, fishing secrets of the pros, and what sounds and colors trigger bass across the continent.

For bass anglers everywhere, tyros or pros, CIRCLE ON BASS is delightfully captivating and always educational.


"This book certainly fulfills the promise of its title--it is indeed 'bass wisdom from a master'. . . He has educated all of us through his works. Thanks, Uncle Homer!"
--Orlando Wilson--

"Name anything to do with fishing and Homer has done it, and done it with uncommon grace and skill."
--Mike Hayden, President, American Sportfishing Association--

"You can pick up this book, start reading, and a paragraph later find yourself a better bass fisherman. You'll find tip after tip on how to catch more and bigger bass, with inside advice on every imaginable aspect of bass fishing . . . Reading this book is like sitting right across your kitchen table from Uncle Homer himself."
--Will Ryan--

"Homer's insights and observations of his fifty years' experience, which he shares in this book, have impacted modern-day bass fishing like those of no other bass fisherman."
--Kevin Van Dam--