Where The Trout Are

by Gary Borger

Cool, clear water. Fresh water. The balm of life. Without it we quickly perish. And yet, the history of the human race is one of neglect, abuse, disregard and wanton pollution of cold water resources; a despoiling of the very tonic of life without thought of the consequences for future generations.

"Where the Trout out Are" is a fly fisher's story of the trout and the wild places where it's found. It's a stimulating, fun-to-watch, and easy-to-understand story with its emphasis on the word "where" -- cold, clean waters.

Offering timely discussions of the major issues facing us as a nation and as a people with regard to this most precious natural resource, this video also clearly points out the necessity of sustaining wild trout as our "canary in the mine," an indicator species that gauges mankind's destruction of cold water ecosystems -- habitat that is not only essential for trout but for man's very survival on earth. Everyone should see this video and be challenged by its critically important message.

"Where the Trout Are" is hosted by Dr. Gary Borger, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Wisconsin -- Marathon Campus. Highly regarded for his ability to make complex subjects easily understood, he is also an internationally recognized fly fisher and producer of outdoor videos. For his conservation work, he was awarded the first Lew Jewett Memorial Lifetime membership in the Federation of Fly Fishers in 1979.

The Federation of Fly Fishers is an international, non-profit organization headquartered in West Yellowstone, Montana, and is dedicated to conserving, restoring and educating through fly fishing.